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12-25-02, 08:15 AM
Ghosts of Somalia

We are the Ghosts of Somalia.
Already you have forgotten us -
out of sight, out of mind.
Oh, no, my brave young soldiers
I remember you well,
just as though you were mine.


The Pink Pigeon Welcomes the Dawn

By Peter Kentley

Over Somalia at 37,000 ft on 13/12/94.
The Pink Pigeon is the national bird of Mauritius
and the name of their first Airbus A340.

A thin veil of stratus announces the dawn,
as an intoxicating glow of orange
blanches from the twilight;
marching forth.
The vanguard of another day.

What will it bring?
What new surprise?
An invigorating expectancy can be found,
between the deep blue of the stratosphere,
and the slumbering earth below.

Who will discover her secret?
Who will look below her veil?
To reveal an earth full of beauty,
full of wonder,
full of joy.

To see the glow,
to rise to her wonder.
To fly into another day,
Somewhere over Africa,
the Pink Pigeon beckons another day.



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