View Full Version : Emergency leave at SOI?

11-11-18, 08:04 AM
If you couldn't already tell I'm a fresh boot about to go to MCT. However my grandmother passed a couple days ago and the funeral will be held while I'm in training. Will I be able to take emergency leave while at MCT or will that just not be an option for me. If someone with any knowledge could get back to me as soon as possible it would be great!

Zulu 36
11-11-18, 05:58 PM
You are probably out of luck on emergency leave. Normally EL is not granted for the death of a grandparent unless that grandparent raised you (acting in loco parentis). If that is the case, the situation must be reported to the Red Cross by your family, who will check into the status and then notify your command if eligible.

If your grandmother was not in loco parentis, sadly you won't be there.

Having my dad die while I was in, I learned that the Red Cross is very efficient in these matters and my command acted with dispatch when notified by the Red Cross.

11-14-18, 08:17 PM
Without a Red Cross message good luck. If you end up taking the emergency leave you will end up having to restart MCT.... Wait, if you are at MCT how are you on a computer? When I was at MCT we never had time to get on a computer unless you are part of MAT...