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10-15-17, 12:55 PM
hey everyone, this is my first post. though out my progress of trying to join the marines i have been referring to google with questions i had and found that this site gave me the best info so thanks for all that but now i think i am in a catch 22.
so all i am waiting for is a tattoo waiver and im golden. but at meps i found out that i have a color deficiency seeing greens/red. so my recruiter told me that i am pretty much dq'ed from all the jobs i wanted like diesel mechanics / aviation mechanics since thats what i went to college for. i scored the highest on my asvab test on mechanical and electrical. since all them jobs require a normal color vision what other jobs are there for me since i didnt score well on the math and reading. i have been looking and it seems like only office jobs dont need norm.al color vision. so my real questions is open contract my only way in or can i try to fight for a mechanical job and challenge them on my color vision since i have 20/20 vision and got a 100 on my depth tests.

like since i didnt do to good on the math and reading,well i have to go infantry or just sign the open contract deal.

or join the army since they are more color blind friendly.

can i get a waiver for color blindness and if i go open contract when if i was to do my four years do you have to stay open contract?

sorry so many questions but any info or input would be much appreciated thank you

10-16-17, 04:19 PM
please remove this thread it some how posted twice .

thank you