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08-09-17, 01:17 AM
I am going to speack with a Marines recruiter and he says I will only be taking a 15 minute test to see how I will do on the ASVAB and I was wondering if while im there if ai would be given a physical or Urine tested or anything such as that. Any help would be greatly appreciated for your help please respond as soon as possible thank you.

08-09-17, 02:13 AM
** Ha ha
Woried about "PoppingPositive" on the
UrineTest aren't you .

What a looser

08-09-17, 08:06 AM
Now, Ed, not everybody can be as clean livin' (or as good looking, your new profile pic really does make some jealous) as you are!

The young man's up all night worrying about meeting the recruiter, so he may not understand that you're just being positive and motivating 8-)

Seriously, Jarret - no. If you're going for a first meeting with a recruiter, you're not getting some huge list of tests. Go on in, talk to the Marine, take the mini-pre-ASVAB, and see how it goes.

Good luck!

08-09-17, 10:38 AM
I'm probably late in responding to this, but I doubt you'll be subjected to a urine or physical test. The recruiter will just be meeting with you and asking you basic questions about what brings you towards the military and if you have a background history that is of importance. You may be offered the chance to take a practice ASVAB test just to see where you might be, but nothing too serious. Congratulations in taking your first steps at joining the Marines.