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01-17-17, 09:47 AM
Hey all,

Arrived at Fort Sill OK last December and have been in MAT platoon waiting to pick up with my course as an 0861.

My question is not in regards to Fort Sill, rather the follow on school in Coronado. I've heard relatively little about this course other than it being much quicker to pick up class and it being a harder school compared to fort sill.

What other info can I get on this course? Especially trying to find out how long it is. I initially was told it was 2 weeks, but I then heard from a former instructor it is a month long, and now people who picked up class are saying an instructor here told them it was 2 months long. I've tried looking online but relatively little info is available on the Fire Support Man Course in Coronado. Any help would be appreciated.

PFC Hazle

01-20-17, 06:04 PM
What are the liberty rules Ft. Sill? Such as I have family in Haskell, would I be able to go on my time off?

01-20-17, 08:10 PM
Thanks for the thread hijack, but I'll answer the question nonetheless.

Depends on distance. Looks like Haskell is about 170 miles from Ft Sill. I believe the distance for a 48 hour liberty (which is what weekends are) allows for you to go up to 250 miles from base. So by the math it's acceptable.

However you will run into problems. Until you've been on base for 2 weeks you have to check in every 4 hours from 0800-2345 (2345 is the last formation) and remain in cammies. If you don't screw up and pass every field day after 2 weeks you're granted phase 2 liberty where you only check in once on Saturday at 2345 and on Sunday at 2145 and can be in civvies and are allowed off base liberty.

Now you also have firewatch going on around the clock during liberty, so you'll have at least one shift.
So you'll have to speak to the chain of command about special liberty to go see family, and I can promise you you won't get it every weekend. You'll likely get it a few times during your entire stay. You'll have to speak to First Sergeant Young and you may have to use your leave days.

On to your time there, here is how it currently stands:
Every 0811 will pick up class at the start of each cycle, they're huge classes. No wait time m
0842, 0844, and 0861 will likely have to wait a class cycle before they pick up. That's about 6 weeks or more, depending on how long your class is.
If you're a 2887 get comfy, they get such low Marines in that MOS you'll be waiting months before you pick up for the class, and I believe it's a long class.

Fort Sill sucks, don't go buy a brand new TV, don't get drunk in the barracks, don't drink if you're underage, and for the love of God do not say you want to go to evening chow on Fridays.