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05-22-13, 07:56 AM
As members of multiple veterans organizations, those attempting to start a new detachment in central Missouri are undergoing an unanticipated test of their loyalty to the league. Most of the leadership of the new organization are former officers of the nearest existing detachment, which has alienated its most productive members to the extent that these have sought M-A-L status or left the league and can usually be found at VFW functions. This area is close enough to a major base, excellent VA facilities, and in most other respects is attractive to military retirees and would easily support several detachments. Objections to the formation of the new detachment are coming from another detachment an hour's drive away and one in an adjoining county that has become a haven for posers. Due to the local topography, the non-binding twenty-five mile radius to an existing detachment makes about as much sense as applying a rhumb line distance to connect communities located along the fjords of Norway.

As loyal MCL members, we will exhaust all avenues in gaining league approval for our detachment. We have the members and the location but due to the lack of the required formation packet after several requests, are unable to collect any more funds and still remain in compliance with state law, therefore this effort has been suspended.

At this point, all we can do is await MCL action. In the meantime, our VFW (which welcomes other posts) is expanding rapidly and another organization popular with Marines has expressed strong interest in becoming established in our area. Whichever action we elect, Marines in this area will have an organization which they can wholeheartedly support but again, our first loyalty is to the league.

05-22-13, 08:46 PM
and one in an adjoining county that has become a haven for posers.

I'll chime in to wish luck in your efforts.

I'm not a joiner myself but I still don't understand how the ilk noted above in bold could enter/permeate the MCL or any other Military Organization.

Give it hell and stay tough.

Carry on...

05-23-13, 08:10 AM
It can't happen in the VFW or VVA because 214's are required with the application. Prior to this, only M-A-L's joining as national members were required to furnish a copy with the appplication but...

06-07-13, 08:22 AM
The latest tactic now being employed to prevent the formation of the Central Missouri Marines detachment is to claim that one of the prospective officers is ineligible for regular MCL membership and they have sent him (most likely ghost-written) threatening Emails. These characters have already attempted unsuccessfully to have another prospective officer and combat vet booted from the league. All of this sleaze only confirms my belief that the MCL needs more credible representation in this area, if not this department. And the little girl games continue...

Lisa 23
06-07-13, 11:09 AM
If there are threatening emails, he should send them to the National Judge Advocate.

06-07-13, 12:39 PM
Already done, Lisa. I happened to be sending a message to the NJA when one arrived. In fact, that was the second in a little over a month. The problem is that I recognized the writing style as not being that of the signer but that of a department officer known to me. When I advised the actual writer of this the communications stopped. Anyway, all this amounts to is a harassing/delaying tactic.The misuse of MCL office to pursue personal vendettas has underscored the distinction between those of this department who seek to serve the league and those who expect the MCL to serve them and further their political ambitions.

The election committee meets at St. Louis this weekend and disappointingly, once avidly sought-after offices seem to have lost their appeal. The only obvious Trojan horse is a close ally of the outgoing commandant who is seeking the number 2 spot. In order to put our department back together and reclaim the services of those we've lost (and maybe attract some new blood), I can only hope and pray that someone credible and dedicated to more than him/herself will step forward.