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02-07-13, 01:17 PM
We have two members of our local detachment who have given conflicting accounts of their ranks and service dates. Having done color guards with both, it's obvious that their knowledge of the manual at arms is very limited. One and some drinking buddies brought in the other. Both wear sergeant's chevrons on dress blues with no ribbons or marksmanship medals. Since they were brought into the league locally and didn't provide 214's to national, is there any way of verifying their rank and dates of service?

02-07-13, 02:55 PM
In short order, you have two options. The first is to do a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to verify for yourself. The second is to utilize process for ineligible members in the Marine...

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02-07-13, 05:20 PM
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02-08-13, 08:21 AM
These individuals have placed themselves in a position where they have to refute their own statements. Somehow, two of them have even gotten into the dogs. National has trimmed their sails to some degree on a procedural issue but as long as probable posers are running the show, recruitment of new members has become badly handicapped. This is really galling to me because we have a higher than average number of retired Marines in the area due to our proximity to a large base and those known to me from other veterans organizations avoid the detachment. In terms of retention, retired Marines and combat veterans are the types who have switched to M-A-L status. At the present time most officer positions in that detachment remain unfilled due to a lack of candidates. To his credit, a former commandant has sought the return of those who have left to take these positions, but without success. In my humble opinion, the only way to clean up this mess is by revealing the actual content of DD214's, if such even exist. Meeting "Marines" who are not proud enough of their official service to reveal it is a new experience.

02-08-13, 10:46 AM
Be glad you're not down here in Florida, the posers are everywhere. Once I met up with some Nam Knights motorcycle guys that I knew and their leader who I've known for about 5 years told me we've got a new guy Nam Marine with us now. I strolled over to ng and asked where he'd been. He told me that he went to PI. When I said I went to PI he then said he was transferred to SD to finish boot camp and was then sent directly to the Nam. He said he was in 2nd Batt. I said of what and he said 1st Div. When I asked of what regiment, what outfit and where he had been he just looked at me.

Without thinking I then told everyone that was there that a Nam Marine may forget his mothers name, but he'd never forget who he served with and his brothers. I then apologized to the head guy for calling his new guy out and he said I simply said what it is, no problem. Saw the NK's a couple months later and they said the "Marine" was no longer with them. I don't try and seek them out, they're everywhere and seem to come forward on their own.

02-08-13, 06:16 PM
I am a Judge Advocate for my Detachment, and I have been confronted on more than one occassion with ""posers" who are applying for membership in the MCL, and "posers" who are currently in the...

02-09-13, 05:55 AM
When I said I went to PI he then said he was transferred to SD to finish boot camp and was then sent directly to the Nam. He said he was in 2nd Batt. I said of what and he said 1st Div. When I asked of what regiment, what outfit and where he had been he just looked at me.

BOLD: Laughable...that was quite the tap dance he was doing.:)
Can't imagine being a poser and having to dig my way out of my own abyss of bull sh!t to those around me.

Carry on....

02-09-13, 01:05 PM
The JA route has already been tried on one of these individuals but the person occupying that position at the time is a close friend and drinking buddy of the subject. He claimed that the 214 he viewed listed sufficient qualifying experience but two officers who were present when the individual was admitted to membership have stated that they never saw a 214. Claimed service consists of being dropped from OCS after 23 days with no prior enlisted service. According to the officer recruiter questioned, a DD214 for this individual may not even exist. In fact, when he heard about this member wearing sergeant's chevrons and a good conduct ribbon, he offered to "come over and kick ass." At any rate, the JA's position in this detachment remains unfilled as is the case with most other officer assignments.

On a positive note, a group of us who are former officers of that detachment have formed our own social circle which is fun and a lot less stressful. As I looked around the table of this group at a social gathering last night, I couldn't help but remember that not long ago these Marines had been the most productive members of that detachment. The real loser here is the league and its image in this area.

Semper Fi!

02-09-13, 04:13 PM
There is still a recourse for you and the other members which is covered under Administrative Procedures, Chapter Nine, Greievance and Discipline. AP9-1 &2; Ch-16-10, (c)Grievance; (d)...

Rocky C
02-09-13, 04:54 PM
That's great of you to help Doc out with this issue.
Brothers helping Brothers.

From me to you , Thanks for stepping up.

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02-09-13, 07:47 PM
Thanks Rocky for the kind words. I'm glad to try and help Doc, as well as others who are having a problem in the Marine Corps League. Unfortunately, I have been involved with posers more than I want to, but fortunately there is a remedy.

One of the humorus one's was when a poser (who was applying to become a member) asked a Captain who served two(2) tours in NAM where he went to boot camp, and the Captain said Quantico. The poser then said; what's that?

The Captain, cooly and politely said "It's in Texas, close to the Mexican Border"

Semper Fi! Glad to have you back...


02-10-13, 05:46 AM
Mitch, that's actually referred to as El Quantico, by us Texans. They have some great Taco's there. Made with real cat meat.

02-10-13, 07:38 AM
Thanks for the advice Mitch, At trhis time there is no detachment commandant. Our group consists of mainly retired Marines, including one Master Guns. Most of us were senior detachment officers who tried to work within the system and when this failed, we voted with our feet. We have indeed made attempts to manage the problem but a district officer has told us that "anyone with one day of active duty is a Marine" (in his opinion). The expressed attitude of the main poser it that that individual has become so important to the MCL that they can't be removed, regardless of service. The situation came to a head when one of our members who is a 100% combat disabled Marine and Vietnam vet told the main individual in private conversation that under the circumstances he could not salute that person without proof of service. He was summarily suspended from the league by the state commandant and a hearing on appeal by district suspended him for two years. During the process, MCL timelines for due process were labeled as only "advisory" and no effort was made to follow them. Further appeal to the national JA resulted in a dismissal of the entire case against the actual Marine "with prejudice," so at least there's still some integrity at the top levels of the league.

Through a series of one candidate elections (a second candidate being added after the detachments had already voted), senior league positions have become occupied by a character with powerful friends who has stated to the writer and others on more than one occasion, that the individual was never a Marine. This entire issue has made both the local detachment and the state department look ridiculous and has cost us the services of many of the league's most productive members at both levels. Sometimes Bravo Sierra is its own reward.

02-10-13, 08:56 AM
Guys, I don't want to beat this to death, but the one enduring lesson for me, is that the Marine family will survive regardless of adversity. It may assume a different form, but it will continue to exist and Marines will go on supporting each other as long as even only two continue to exist. Semper Fi!

Rocky C
02-10-13, 09:28 AM
Well said Doc :thumbup:.

Semper Fi,

02-10-13, 10:19 AM
In other words "Once a Poser Marine, Always a Marine." Thats why I'm not in the League, 2 much pc bs.

02-11-13, 10:08 AM
We have a good group of Matines and Corpsman in our Detachment, and on the State Department level. If there is any indication that someone may be a poser in the existing membership who slipped in ,...

02-11-13, 05:13 PM
Hammer, yours sounds like a good detachment. The reason the league has established standards in the first place is to prevent the situation I've described. Right now, some higher-ups are in a CYA mode in the hope that somehow the situation will go away without their having to do their duty to the league. They've tried the sacrificial goat ploy without success. There are some good Marines here who no longer attend meetings and hopefully, this cancer won't ultimately destroy the detachment.

MODD, MCL Life, VVA Life, VFW Life

10-06-13, 02:58 PM
One day in the Corps would qualify ? :sick: I believe that one would have to have an honorable discharge or a medical discharge under honorable conditions ! I'm amazed that folks love to live a lie...

William Raybold
02-19-14, 02:33 PM
Good afternoon Marines, I just finally became a member of the Marine Corps League Det-204 in Wenonah, NJ. In order to join I had to produce my 214 which has been through the mill. It is close to 53 years old.

Rocky C
02-19-14, 06:05 PM
Congrats Bill :thumbup:

03-22-14, 09:28 AM
Sgt Jean Curtiss, MCL, Fred Cochran Detachment, No 151, Dept of Michigan. From 3rd Div, 9th Reg 1955-1961. Instructor/regimental radio net supervisor, Okinawa/ Japan. Company police Sgt, Demonstration troops, Quantico, Va.

Lisa 23
03-23-14, 06:06 PM
Sgt Jean Curtiss, MCL, Fred Cochran Detachment, No 151, Dept of Michigan. From 3rd Div, 9th Reg 1955-1961. Instructor/regimental radio net supervisor, Okinawa/ Japan. Company police Sgt, Demonstration troops, Quantico, Va.

Unless this is a typo.....according to your profile, you entered the Marine Corps in 1965........and you were with 3rd Div, 9th Regt from 1955-1961.