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10-08-11, 12:07 PM

Although he is not my recruiter he is my current MCJROTC instructor (Captain Altie Holcomb) and I owe everything to him. I was having a hard time with my recruiter and I felt a little misled after hearing some of the things people were telling and asking me. I am an indivigual who generally keeps to myself and dose not really bring problems to the front, so when he asked me how the process was going I told him how it really was going.

After I explained to him some of my situations, he was able to clear many things up and explain and properly address issues in which I was worried about.

Not only all of this but as an instructor for my MCJROTC unit, I have found information that can only prove itself to be beneficial. Through his program I know unarmed, armed, sword, and multiple other manuals in which I can now instruct in my unit. Now he has placed me as a guide on and he told me that in boot camp they will be looking for someone to be the guide, so I must learn it.
The small things in life really come and shine the brightest, Captain Altie Holcomb has not been just an instructor to myself but a mentor and someone who I know is contently looking over my shoulder and ensuring I dont disable myself from going into the Marine Corps.