View Full Version : Battles in Life

Ray Merrell
02-28-11, 06:18 AM
"Battles in life are never won, I mean, you don't have your household budget permanently balanced: you have to balance it every year. Life's a continous business, and so is success, and requires continous effort."

...Margaret Thatcher

03-05-11, 05:21 PM
Brother Ray: No battles in life are ever won, whether it's a personnel battle or a Military Battle. The day we win is the day we answer that " Final Roll-Call " & as we have all prepared for combat we should in like manner prepare for that day. After all, it's been said by many; Etenity is forever & that being the case, we're in it now & should know we had rather spend more of it other than we have. Oh, well, I rattling so I'm outta here.