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12-03-10, 05:09 PM
Hello fellow pool(ee)s!

The purpose of me typing this thread is because I know where some of you guys might be. Some of you guys are considering getting into the DEP, and some are already in and are seriously second-guessing yourselves. I feel like by sharing my story it will help you young-men see the light, and begin to understand the commitment you have made.

Growing-up I was an avid history-buff. More sincerely, I loved WWII history. I was fascinated with the European Theatre and even more impressed with what he Marines did in the Pacifc. From Guadalcanal to Bougainville, to Peleliu, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. I couldn't get away from the fact that these amphibious Marines were the only thing standing in between an entire Japenese Imperialist Army and life as Americans knew it. It impressed me to see where all the "oohrah" and "gun-ho" mentality came from which was the upright, absolute knowledge of knowing you were a part of the world's largest fighting FORCE!

As I got older though I began to find the softer side of me. I enjoyed reading, poetry, music, instruments...(violin, guitar) and really tryed to intellectualize who I was and why I saw things the way I did. I started smoking a lot of pot and soon became a full-fledged hippie. Listened to blues, digged Marley and got high on Sundays. I was an athlete, and went to state competition in tennis and was even offered a scholarship to play College tennis. So, off I go. I attended university for a year and played tennis and studied philosophy. That's when my wake-up began. Driving home from El Paso one night with 4 other buddies I got the most severe wake-up call. My friend who was driving fell asleep, flipping the automobile at roughly 65 mph. Only 2 of us were wearing our seatbelt and that didn't include me. My buddy asleep in the cargo area of the car was killed instantly. The only thing that kept me in the car was the divine grace of God. I suffered a broken clavicle which was operated on. I now have a titanium rod over my clavicle...

So I moved on...started doing the same old habits...thinking that God had kept me alive for some reason but not really ever acknowledging it because of my philosophical views. I was drinking, having more sex, basically being a total ****head. I finished out a year of school (the accident happened at the beginning of first semester) and went back home, planning on not going back but never really being very sure. As I returned home I went out to visit all my dear friends that I hadn't seen. Little had I known, 3 of them decided to go into the Air Force and were leaving in a few months. I laughed it off because to me the military seemed like a big joke. I was a pothead who had a couple of words to say about the Government and the military...I was happy for them and left it at that.

One day my good buddy finally came back from Basic training. Granted, he wasn't a Marine :cry: but the change I saw in him still hits me to this day. He was poised, and confident and determined he made the right decision. It was there the understanding started to kick-in and I began changing.

One night as I was asleep, I had the most significant impact on my life. Gabriel came to me in a prophetic dream. As I (being Gabriel) walked up to a burnt out car a man inside of it turned and said, "Hello Gabriel." I (being Gabriel) said, "Hello Satan" and immediately the "man's" face turned into ash and fire. I (Gabriel) turned around and got on my knees and started to pray and reach out for God. I woke up abrubtly and knew what I wanted to be. God spared me, and gave me a warning. He wanted to know that I was saved through Jesus Christ, I didn't have to ride with that sin anymore, I was FREE!

I walked into the Air Force Recruiting Station and began talking to them, which didn't do much because those Chair Force fellas seemed to have better things going on. I looked at one of the Tech Sgts. and said "ok, well I'm just going to have a smoke." I walked out the door and started pacing, 'was this what I wanted to to do?' the Air Force?? I saw a poolee walking into the Marine Recruiting Station next to me, and began to follow. I stood outside the door for a moment then walked in.

I wanted to be a Marine.

Why did it take me so long to realize it? Personally it must have been the philosophy and marijuana.

Little did I know...the restrictions were demanding and there was a good chance that I would get view-meded because of my shoulder. My Sgt kept reassuring me that I would probably get enlisted it would just take a long time.

One week. It took one week to get through MEPS with my shoulder and I was enlisted.

God was taking care of me, I repented, and he blessed me. He was letting me know that he was right next to me, He was letting me know that He is standing by the Corps and looking out for them as well.

Now, I have put on 10lbs of muscle and am blowing the IST away. I am inspired, motivated, and ready to be a Marine.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE. You will call upon me and pray to me and I willl listen....You will seek me and find me when you seek me with ALL of your HEART."
Jeremiah 29:11-13


12-03-10, 05:33 PM
I noticed your ship date as 7-18-10 ?? Are you now a Marine ? And Although my experience is a little different then yours, I to have been given a new lease on this life. I was involved in a Motorcycle accident (dirtbike) where I was Knocked unconscious and during that time, I was on my way to eternity.Not a pleasant one at the time I'm afraid, but God in his mercy gave me life, two years later I committed my life to Jesus Christ and my life has never been the same ( for the far better) that was almost 31 yrs ago. Being a Marine is an honorable thing;true ! But you will be tempted to join in the "reindeer games" like some on here have exhibited, and I highly recommend to stay true to your Faith/God. No matter what you here, no matter what you feel,no matter what you see, no matter what you think ? Trust your God in ALL things. Your brother in Christ Gary a.k.a. Moz USMC 68-70 :flag:

12-03-10, 05:54 PM
No sir I am not a Marine, honest mistake- official shipdate is 7-18-2011. Yes sir, I understand the debauchery and boasting and anger comes with the feeling of being a Marine but I like to think I know where I draw the line.

I'm usually around poolee's who get a kick out of using the f-word constantly because they feel as if they need to prepare themselves for how a "Marine" acts, and I just don't see eye to eye.

My grandfather served in Vietnam and met plenty of young men who were under stressful combat situations and didn't give into temptation, even under the extraordinary situations.

Thank you sir, I appreciate your reply.

12-14-10, 10:48 PM
Very powerful, indeed very inspirational and motivating. I applaud you in have the power to turn your back on the things the world offers for the things God will offer, its a hard transition....I know because I'm currently changing myself.

No real life changing moments in my life but just growing up to finally see the reality of life and what it offers based on the decisions we make. There's a lot of reasons why I decided to attempt to embark my future in the Marine Corps but it really started 2-3 years ago as a threat to my family like "yup I'm going into the Army or Marines to possibly die overseas." Very ignorant and immature on my part. As I started learning this world we live in I became more aware of things most people don't know or claim to know. From petty threats to finishing a path a uncle I never knew started but never had the chance to finish. I take pride in my decision due to the fact of serving my country, protecting my freedoms, and becominag a part of the legacy that attracted my uncle to give his life for. I look at his picture and say,"unc....I won't let you down, you'll be proud." My father did 20+ years in the Air Force , a cousin and my grandfather retired out of the Navy but nobody on my father side became a Marine and I decided to do so.

I never question on becoming a Marine just only question the MOS I want to select. My jobs will look good once I get out with Comm experience but I want to also do mechanic in the 21 area.No regrets just slight concerns about the job but that's like any job I started. The first day always is the longest and hardest but you're so eager to go out there and do it.

Anyways man, you'll do good bro. With your intellectual aspect you could offer the Corps more then you think you would offer. We as Poolees can't say it but the motto for the Corps should be applied to everybody to live a life doing right because to always be faithful is a challenge to a person of god and a person of the world. Everybody endures challenges that test your faithfulness to your respect, your morals, and your chracter which is the building block to someones life.

I respect you a lot bro and id love to be teamed up with someone like you in RT. For motivation and for just good conversation. Again, you'll do good.