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11-30-10, 01:42 AM
CF Card Recovery Mac

mac cf card recovery (http://www.umacos.com/datarecoverymac/recover-cf-card-on-mac.html)!

What's cf card

Cf card is short of compact flash card, Compact Flash is a popular card choice for use with personal digital assistants (PDAs) and digital cameras. A high-end version, Ultra Compact Flash is optimized for more demanding photography, such as a quickly shot succession of high-resolution pictures, or pictures of a moving subject, such as a bicycle race. Ultra Compact Flash provides a transfer rate twice that of SanDisk's standard memory cards, so that data can be quickly saved and the camera can be ready to capture another image. when it comes more and more popular, how should we do if we lose the cf card data on Mac? Let the cf card recovery Mac (http://www.umacos.com/datarecoverymac/recover-cf-card-on-mac.html) to solve the problem.