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  1. Let's start this off
  2. Future Marine Mentors
  3. POOLEE's and DEPers!
  4. Thank-you!
  5. Here ya go, kids!
  6. Question
  7. What is a Marine's purpose?
  8. Poolee thread
  9. JROTC cadets practice navigation skills
  10. Sun T'zu, The Art of War
  11. The Marine Corps Professional Reading Program List
  12. boot camp fitness
  13. Reporting to recruit training
  14. Concepts, recruiting and training
  15. link for a map of Parris Island
  16. leadership
  17. Marine Corps books/about
  18. Be Part of the Pack...........
  19. Read Kipling
  20. Uniform regs, "hash marks" or service stripes
  21. USMC Combat Training Battalion
  22. Map Reading, Land Navigation
  23. PLC, distance learning, military science, etc.
  24. NBC doctrine and training
  25. military first aid
  26. USMC fighting spirit
  27. wrbones and other Marines
  28. USMC traditions and lore
  29. More resources kids!
  30. Promotion requirements
  31. Little Axe letters motivate recruits
  32. Marine Expiditionary Units
  33. New MOS by 2003
  34. Books to read online! See USMC!
  35. New Marine shatters Depot pull-up record
  36. A few Questions for the Few and the Proud
  37. An annotated Marine Corps vocabulary
  38. guidebook for Marines. 18th edition
  39. Just Curious
  40. I'd like some advice...
  41. Devil Pup
  42. Marine Corps Core Values
  43. Why the Marines?
  44. A star-spangled tribute
  45. The Eagle And The Wolf
  46. Kubasaki JROTC wins regional title again
  47. Just askin
  48. Just a couple of questions
  49. A question for you
  50. More books abour Our Marine Corps
  51. Urban operations
  52. Military recruiters' receptions vary
  53. "So You Think You Are A Marine"
  54. My Final Decision
  55. Help me please!
  56. National Security Strategy
  57. Hints for Parents of Recruits
  58. The Yellow Footprints
  59. To Rockyard and parents of 'Marines to be'
  60. The Declaration of Independence
  61. The Last Hundred Yards.
  62. oath of enlistment
  63. Recommended Book
  64. "Marine Corps Boot Camp"
  65. An interesting site. History
  66. Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense'
  67. Historic principles of a contitutional government
  68. Islam stuff...know yer enemy
  69. USMC Distance Learning
  70. Marine Corps War College
  71. Government Accounting Office Homepage
  72. Lots of links fer military stuff
  73. Game Theory!
  74. a bibliography on ancient warfare!
  75. Question about unit cohesion.
  76. USMC combatives
  77. OCS general info
  78. Just some questions.
  79. Has anyone heard of Col. Rex Applegate?
  80. Young Marines...Future leaders
  81. selective service registration
  82. "A Father's Son"
  83. Demanding Senior Drill Instructor Instills Discipline
  84. how many & where
  85. social life
  86. Recruit or Unit
  87. Lingo List
  88. We want YOU to help us recruit students
  89. Deception in Warfare
  90. Young leaders tackle course
  91. B.r.a.s.s.
  92. "Making Marines" A Day At Parris Island
  93. even more resources
  94. Any Scout/Snipers here from the "fightin' 5th?"
  95. Parris Island has a new voice
  96. JAG mentor
  97. We're a team
  98. WFTBn. Unveils New Combat Endurance Course
  99. Newly Enlisted take aim at future in Corps
  100. Article From Open Squad Bay.......
  101. Station awarded for quality applicants
  102. The hunger to become a Marine
  103. UN Security council opposition: Constitutions of countries opposed to US resolve
  104. English assignment
  105. USMC JROTC cadet creed
  106. IOC students get taste of desert combat training
  107. What's so special about the Marine Corps?
  108. So much to learn, so little time.....
  109. Most Improved Recruit Ready for Next Challenge
  110. "A Gunny's Wise Words"
  111. The American's Creed
  112. Manuever Warfare
  113. Hidden treasure found at recruit training
  114. You Can Because You Think You Can
  115. USMC Officer Development
  116. Marine Military Academy
  117. Maps: A geography lesson
  118. Gunny Prepares Students to Stand on Yellow Footprints of Life
  119. Certificate of Acceptance
  120. The Making of a Marine
  121. question
  122. Leadership
  123. MOS question
  124. Don't Miss This!
  125. Center for Military Readiness
  126. Any recruiters here?
  127. Dizzying turn from boot camp to combat for new Marines
  128. Question from an older poole
  129. Interest in the military: New recruits
  130. MOS Questions HELP !!!
  131. These kids clamor to follow the Marine Corps model
  132. Hacking it...
  133. Marines Bring War into the Classrooms
  134. Cadets learn lessons on honor courage commitment
  135. Midwest success not enough for new Marine
  136. need info on MOS 0321 (recon)
  137. help me out
  138. 15 College Credits?
  139. Young Marines Teaches Kids Discipline, Integrity
  140. Boot Camp PT
  141. 2000 Wilson High graduate aspires to be a top Marine
  142. JROTC cadets set sights on marksmanship
  143. For those who finished a BA/BS while Enlisted
  144. Drew is half the boy he used to be, and loving it
  145. Through the Early Years at the Depot
  146. Better 3 Mile
  147. Drill Instructors
  148. info on MEU's
  149. USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center
  150. Warfighting Concepts Division
  151. Weeding out the weak
  152. Recruiters Assistance takes Marines Home
  153. Student athletes show Marines they measure up
  154. Boot Camp Information/Before Boot
  155. ? about after SOI
  156. Going from Young Marine to U.S. Marine
  157. For some grads, patriotism steers their career choices
  158. UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Marine Corps University User's Guide to Marine Corps Value
  159. Young Marines
  160. An apology.
  161. Advanced Infantry Training Company: link
  162. USMC Command and Staff course(s)
  163. intro to land warfare systems: Link
  164. Corporal Hobart Cobb, USMC and an honored member of leatherneck.com
  165. Future 03s
  166. USMC careers for officers
  167. M16a2
  168. Links to sites with online Marine Corps publications.
  169. Active Duty Marines: Attention On Deck
  170. Leadership Traits
  171. New Marine reaches pinnacle of training
  172. Professional Information!
  173. Need Help
  174. "Get off my bus! Move with speed and intensity!"
  175. What to expect of New Recruits
  176. ASVAB Scores Required for the Marine Corps
  177. Teens meet Marines
  178. Family Support Motivates Marine Recruit Through Training
  179. Third Time's a Charm; Marine Triumphs Over Hardships
  180. Prior preparation pays off during recruit training
  181. Final Drill 101 - Senior drill instructor marches platoon straight
  182. Marine!
  183. A man of many uniforms:
  184. New Marine takes first steps to become officer
  185. Communication equals success
  186. Staff Sgt. Chuong T. Nguyen
  187. Recruit knows road ahead is full of hardship
  188. Make them Marines
  189. From fights, rage to discipline, pride - New Marine finds escape from chaos to become
  190. Recruit knows road ahead is full of hardship
  191. Marine is father to fatherless
  192. Motor T essential to daily operations at Parris Island
  193. Hey
  194. DEFY: The Drug Education For Youth
  195. Kaneohe Bay, for the 12th Marine Corps District Leadership School
  196. For all the poolees. (About Boot Camp)
  197. poolees. So you want to be infantry huh?
  198. Seabag
  199. Double time - Twins stick together, earn title together
  200. Conflicted
  201. Teenagers learn PT tips to stay fit
  202. Chaplain inspires recruits on Crucible, says goodbye to 3rd RTBn.
  203. Punters Aren't Wimps
  204. When push comes to love
  205. leaving for PI in 10 days!
  206. Reinlistment (Vietnam Vets)
  207. Reelistment (All Vets)
  208. Recruit training rewards maturity, strong character
  209. Hair today, gone tomorrow
  210. Former NYC mayor reassures future Marines and families
  211. LA Hard invades college field for fierce athletic competition
  212. How to tell my parents i want to go active
  213. Gi Bill Info
  214. Info on 02 and 26 MOS's
  215. Hey has anyone been to MCRD SD in Jan feb or march
  216. Young Marines teach kids discipline and self-esteem
  217. Thanks For your comments on Reup
  218. How To Tell My Mom I Changed To A Combat Related Mos
  219. 0800 combat support
  220. Just Wondering
  221. Young guns - Corps has new 'fortunate sons'
  222. Marine continues family legacy, becomes 14th member in Corps
  223. Going To Bootcamp Monday 9/22/03!!!
  224. Does anyone have any info or experience in intel, logistics,or linguist?
  225. Marine hangs tough for six months, completes training
  226. Being a Rifleman
  227. Lose your dogtags in Vietnam
  228. The Crucible
  229. Recruiting Icon says Good-Bye to Corps
  230. boot camp
  231. H&SBn. Bell
  232. The General Orders
  233. thanx
  234. website
  235. Endurance Course
  236. Medical MOS
  237. drill
  238. Fire Watfh
  239. careers after the Marine Corps
  240. Marines Go High Tech in Effort to Reach Next Generation
  241. Marine's desire to be the best started with military family ties
  242. Congressman Letter
  243. PMI motivates Brother through Rifle Range, help shoot black
  244. ?
  245. BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE 2003 - Local community gets lost in sand at Boot Camp Challenge
  246. RS Sacramento bridges the gap for 'future Marines'
  247. Natural born leader proves he is number one
  248. 12th District expands educator workshop program by: Going to the top
  249. DI leaves troubled adolescence for straight and narrow path
  250. Leader of the pack - Pride, determination inspires Marine to excellence