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  3. BlackHawk Down An American War Story
  4. VETERAN'S NEWS and VIEWS.....: Lariam and Ft. Bragg
  5. Psychological Operation RESTORE HOPE
  6. USMC Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST)
  7. SOMALIA OPERATIONS: Lessons Learned
  8. The Somalia Experiment
  9. Lessons from Somalia: The DILEMMA OF Peace Enforcement
  10. Operation Eastern Exit
  11. Somalis Want Americans Back
  12. Ghosts of Somalia
  13. The Urban Operations Journal
  14. The Lost American.......
  15. New bandage could save lives on battlefield
  16. NY/TriState Area - Somalia, Lebanon, Grenada
  17. Universal Health Care in Iraq: Why not in the U.S.
  18. Somalia
  19. San Diego judge orders former Somali military judge deported
  20. Malaria drug warning follows soldiers' problems
  21. Larium: Lifesaver Drug or Threat to the Troops?
  22. Black Hawk Down 10th Anniversary
  23. Somalia Still In Anarchy 10 Yrs. Later
  24. U.N. Report: al-Qaida Trained in Somalia
  25. Military Asked To Review Lariam
  26. Somalia Considered One of the World's Most Dangerous Countries
  27. 4th MEB led evacuation of embassy in Somalia
  28. Rumsfeld weighs strikes in Lebanon, Somalia
  29. Mogadishu survivor felled in Black Hawk crash
  30. One Decade Later -- Debacle in Somalia
  31. Stakes for U.S. much higher in Iraq than they were in Somalia
  32. Attacks commission links 'Black Hawk Down' to bin Laden
  33. Rules of Engagement and Non-Lethal Weapons: A Deadly Combination?
  34. Murphy recalls Marines as best four years of his life
  35. Parliament picks leader for Somalia around the world
  36. Mogadishu, Somalia
  37. Daring evacuation was 90s brush-fire mission
  38. Somalia's Welcome Warlord
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  41. Ribbons or Medals???
  42. The Conoco Somalia Declassification Project
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  44. I know I wasn't the only one there
  45. Horn of Africa
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  47. Operation Eastern Exit - 1990