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  1. Walter F. Krystoszek...
  2. Arthur E. Costello...
  3. Albert J. Gress...
  4. Stacey Young
  5. Louis W. Coppola...
  6. Thomas N. Nabors...
  7. John Do Curro...
  8. George W. Poulos...
  9. Michael J. Schuffert Sr.
  10. Sgt. Guy W. Dunn Jr.
  11. Theodore (Ted) Samuel Williams...
  12. Thomas J. Pappas...
  13. James R. Berg...
  14. James R. Sullivan...
  15. Robert D. Bolton...
  16. Robert C. Harper Jr...
  17. Raymond E. Klein Sr...
  18. Robert Naus...
  19. Howard S. Thomson...
  20. Albert A. Ziemann...
  21. Michael Allen Beebe...
  22. Walter A. Brzeski, Jr....
  23. William D. Hughes...
  24. Bobby E. Lee...
  25. Annie Snyder - WWII Woman Marine
  26. Milan "Mike" Calich...
  27. Brian M. Sheridan...
  28. Glenn F. Workman...
  29. Soldier Dies of Wounds Received in Afghanistan
  30. John Edward Miller
  31. Al Lerner - Former Marine & Cleveland Browns Owner
  32. An American Patriot Passes Away-Richard Rocco
  33. James R. "Daddy Wags" Wagner Cookies Tavern Owner, Philly
  34. Vietnam Veterans Of America Mourns The Loss Of Lynda Van Devanter
  35. Honoring our Nation's Fallen Military Heroes
  36. Bill Sparks DSM
  37. Korea Veteran will be missed
  38. Marine Casualty in Nam
  39. Medal of Honor winner Joe Foss
  40. MGySgt William "Bill" Robinson USMC
  41. Passing of August "Gus" Wines
  42. Passing of Roger E. Coleman
  43. Lt Col Richard (Dick) Galbraith
  44. Semper Fi, Mac
  45. Truman Crawford Dies; Led Marine Bugle Corps
  46. Howard Gunter III
  47. Heros
  48. Marine Killed in Vehicle Accident
  49. Marine Killed By Accidental Discharge
  50. Marines Killed In Action
  51. Marines Killed in Action
  52. tribute to our fallen
  53. Marine Major dies in vehicle accident
  54. John Butler
  55. Cpl. Patrick Nixon: KIA
  56. Camp Pendleton Marine buried in Iowa
  57. Marines Killed in Accidents
  58. DOD Identifies Marine Casualties
  59. Pentagon identifies Marines killed in helicopter crash in Iraq
  60. Reagan Chief of Staff Donald Regan Dies
  61. Another Marine Reporting to the pearly gates, Leon Uris USMC
  62. Marine pilot from Massachusetts killed in training accident in Africa
  63. Pentagon Officials Identify Marine Casualty
  64. Marine dies from injuries after traffic accident
  65. Another Marine Gone
  66. Marine held death at bay for son's birth, Alex Coreas USMC
  67. Marine Corps legend passes: Leathernecks mourn loss of Iwo Jima, Chosin veteran
  68. Louis Robertshaw; Marine Lt General
  69. Marines release name of pilot who died in crash
  70. Veteran laid to rest 5 years after her murder
  71. 'Red Devils' remember one of their own
  72. Cherry Point Marines remember fallen
  73. Marine dies hours after returning home from Iraq
  74. SSgt. Dean Wilmer Empfield USMC
  75. LtGen Alpha L. Bowser
  76. Former Arkansas Governor Sid McMath dies at age 91
  77. Iwo Jima veteran passes
  78. Pendleton Marine killed in Long Beach
  79. End of Tour
  80. Family, friends and Marines say goodbye to their "Master Guns"
  81. MSgt Murdered
  82. Marine dies in barracks fall
  83. Marine killed in crash on Okinawa
  84. Col. Paige, Medal of Honor recipient, dies
  85. Challenges Motivated Ambushed Former-Marine
  86. DC native, former Barracks officer comes home 8th & I Marines lay one of their own to
  87. Brotherhoods Unite to Honor Memory and Families of Fallen Heroes
  88. Four Marines Fallen, but not Forgotten
  89. Brother and Hero Remembered
  90. Decorated Marine officer killed during training maneuver
  91. Marine dies as tank plunges into water
  92. LCPL Carlos Torres
  93. Corps identifies Marine who died during recon screening
  94. Veterans, active duty lose 'guardian angel'
  95. God Bless
  96. "The Drifter"
  97. Two U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq
  98. Marine who died in Iraq identified
  99. Marine killed near Ramadi, Iraq
  100. Fallen Marine honored
  101. Name of Marine killed in Iraq released
  102. Battalion pauses to honor fallen Marine
  103. Hostile fire in Iraq kills Camp Pendleton Marine
  104. Nineteen-year-old Marine from Bradenton killed in Iraq
  105. Clarence "Hank" Lehr
  106. DoD Identifies Marine Casualties
  107. Deadly Week in Iraq Ends in Tears for the Fallen
  108. Third generation Marine killed in Iraq
  109. Family was planning a welcome-home party "But it turned into a goodbye."
  110. Patoka payes tribute to Marine
  111. Marine captain a man of character, family says
  112. John Wroblewski's fidelity, love form lasting tribute
  113. Battalion honors Marine killed in Fallujah
  114. Ryan Jerabek: U.S. Marine Private First Class
  115. Bravo Nation loses Brother: Drill Instructor lay to Rest one of their own killed in I
  116. LI soldier laid to rest
  117. Marine pilot killed in plane crash ID'd
  118. DoD Identifies Marine Casualties
  119. Marine recalled as quiet, loving, full of life
  120. Scio Marine had jumped in front of grenade
  121. Battalion memorializes Camp Lejeune Marine
  122. Defense Officials Identify Marine Casualties
  123. Marine turned soldier was on his second tour of duty in Iraq
  124. Pendleton Marine killed in training accident
  125. Pendleton Marine found dead in Iraqi river
  126. First Marine dies in hostile fire in Afghanistan
  127. World War II veteran passes away, leaves legacy of heroism
  128. Company memorializes two fallen Marines
  129. Battalion honors "no better friend" killed in action
  130. BLT 1/6 remembers fallen Marine in Afghanistan
  131. Fishermen find missing Marine’s body
  132. Dustin H. Schrage
  133. Fallen: Aaron C. Austin, Marine Lance Corporal
  134. Pendleton Marine dies in Iraq
  135. Pendleton Marine killed in Iraq
  136. Better?
  137. One of twin brothers serving together killed in Iraq
  138. Base identifies 2 Marines killed in Iraq
  139. Former Marine William Manchester Passed Away Tuesday, 01 June.
  140. Camp Pendleton Marine killed in Iraq
  141. Marine died with father at his side
  142. Marine posed for father's WW II memorial
  143. Slain Marine saluted
  144. Two Marines who died in Iraq ID'd
  145. Marine dies in Afghanistan
  146. Prosser Marine mourned
  147. Mourners recall fallen Marine's devotion, service
  148. Three Marines from Pa.-based reserve unit killed in Iraq
  149. California Marine killed in Iraq after losing 150 pounds to enlist
  150. Marine featured on poster is killed
  151. Marine recruit collapses, dies
  152. Flags go to half-staff for Kelly
  153. Miramar-based F-18 jets collide in Oregon; 2 reported dead
  154. Tucson Marine laid to rest
  155. Marine slain in firefight is state senator's nephew
  156. Family mourns Marine
  157. War Claims Young Marine Passionate About His Duty
  158. Final salute to a fallen Marine
  159. Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
  160. Three Pendleton Marines killed in Iraq
  161. Marine, baseball legend dies at 79; New York City remembers Bob Murphy
  162. 'Fearless' World War II hero dies
  163. Hard Charger
  164. Marine killed with only two weeks to go
  165. Senator sought to serve public
  166. Marine veteran, Pulitzer-winning photojournalist Eddie Adams dies at 71
  167. Colomb had joined Marines, planned to see the world
  168. The Final Inspection
  169. Maj. Gen. Raymond L. Murray, 91; led the breakout at Chosin
  170. The Few. The Proud. The Missed.
  171. This might interest you (DOD.. plus)
  172. Decorated Marine Colonel Robert Taplett Dies
  173. Marine sergeant served in war and peace
  174. World War I vet, one of the nation's oldest Marines, dies at 106
  175. A century of love and service
  176. my very sad duty to report.....
  177. Not murder...self-defense
  178. L/Cpl. Ronald Ceres Passing May 31, 2005
  179. Death Of General Louis H. Wilson, Jr. 26TH COMMANDANT
  180. Robert E. Galer, 92, Marine Fighter Ace, Dies
  181. In Memory of SSG Chris Piper
  182. DoD Announces Increase in Death Gratuity and SGLI
  183. Pappy, a Pendleton original, dies at 97
  184. Mar Det, Uss Antietam Cvs-36 ( '55-'57)
  185. Name of Marine who died in training released
  186. James T. Scoggins USMC reporting home
  187. Gen. Kenneth McLennan -- retired as No. 2 man in Marines
  188. Mgysgt George T Curtis
  189. LtCol. John McGuinness USMC Ret.
  190. Col. Reginald Myers Dies; Medal of Honor Recipient
  191. C.A. 'Mack' McKinney; Marine Veteran, Advocate For Members of Military
  192. Neslony was injured 4 times in 1 day in WWII battle
  193. Godspeed, Mrs. Puller
  194. Marine instructor dies from injuries
  195. Death of Mrs. Robert H. Barrow
  196. A Marine's Marine!
  197. Kenneth J. Houghton -- 'a Marine Corps legend'
  198. Chet Newman U.S.M.C.
  199. Funeral services for retired Marine general
  200. Donald M Penzera 1/9 3rd Marine Division
  201. Gen. John F. Kinney -- decorated veteran, POW
  202. obituaries
  203. Guy Gabaldon, 80, Hero of Battle of Saipan, Dies
  204. Marine Col. F. Brooke Nihart; Wrote Military Code of Conduct
  205. M/Sgt Don Heim obituary
  206. Sgt. Ryan Jackson
  207. David Charles Erickson, 32, Corona, CA
  208. Korean War Veteran - Lloyd Duane Curtis
  209. Gy/Sgt. David St. Armand
  210. Lance corpral Dennis Hasker
  211. Hall of Famer Arizin dies at age 78
  212. Obituary: Kitchen saw fellow Marines raise flag on Iwo Jima
  213. Armand J. Chauvin., Sr, Sgt Maj,, USMC (ret)
  214. Another One Bites the Dust
  215. Charles Munn
  216. Bauer dead at 84
  217. Allen Montour CPL
  218. Col. Thell Fisher -- decorated Marine fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam
  219. Fellow Leathernecks of Col. Charles Munn aka "Chuck Munn"
  220. William Benson, 52, Escanaba, Michigan
  221. George E. ‘Buck’ Trammell, 83, Cleveland, OH
  222. Cal Stephenson Sr., Pioneering Industry Distributor and WWII Hero, Dies
  223. Sgt. William Joesph Pascal,27 Newton, NJ
  224. Robert M. Stockton, 71, Hermansville, Michigan
  225. James W. Duchaine, 77, Escanaba, Michigan
  226. Cpl. Dustin J. Lee, 20, Stonewall, MS (Iraq)
  227. Medal of Honor Recipient Raymond G. 'Jerry' Murphy
  228. Peter W. Klug, 61, Cornell, Michigan
  229. War, NFL veteran Ralph Heywood dies
  230. Richard Charles “Doc” Whitens, 76, Hermansville, Michigan
  231. My dad.....
  232. pop
  233. EOD takes a hit again.
  234. Brig. Gen. Edwin Howard Simmons; 'Collective Memory' of Marine Corps
  235. U.S. Marine, missing in action since World War II.
  236. Maj. Douglas Zembiec Killed May 11
  237. SgtMaj. Joseph J. Ellis
  238. George Zahn, 79, Iron Mountain, MI (WW II)
  239. Robert Clough
  240. 'Last Flagraiser' Dies At 86 (Iwo Jima)
  241. Joe Basso "Navy Cross" WW2
  242. Decorated Castle Rock Marine dies at age 85
  243. Clan Ronald VanEnkevort, 90, Kennewick, Washington
  244. Edward Louis Solis, 76, Gladstone, Michigan
  245. Oliver (Ollie) A. Swanson, 69, of Janesville, Wisconsin
  246. Marcus Edward Joseph MacRae, 79, Lakeland, Florida
  247. Kenneth A. "Kelly" Johnson, 85, Whitney, Michigan
  248. Pioneering female Marine dies
  249. RIP One of our own...
  250. Marine dies from mesothelioma