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  1. Brother from across the pond
  2. How is Aviation Ordanance? 65xx?
  3. VMFA-115 Reunion
  4. Information on F/A-18, AE, and VMFA(AW)-533
  5. Whats working on Hueys and Cobras like?
  6. Inter-Branch Transfer//Army to Marine
  7. flying sergents
  8. Crew Chief
  9. For the Phantom Phyxers
  10. H&MS-24 TA4 crash
  11. Respectfully, requesting help on call signs and Marine lingo
  12. FAC tour
  13. Aircraft Maintenance job school/picking
  14. Avionics Technician vs. Aviation Mechanic
  15. Investigation of Okinawa crash of Dec 2018
  16. WGSCTYFOR - Any know what that is?
  17. Combat Aircrew Wings & Jump Wings
  18. Any VMA-533 A6E Marines Around?