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Join the #1 Marine Corps community on the web for Marines who served together. Chat, share stories and pictures with your Band of Brothers. Get the latest Marine news and find Marines you served with. Enjoy many free features & tools.

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Marines Taking Care of Marines

Just like the Corps, prides itself on taking care of it's own. At Leatherneck we have established a support system for Marines and their families. Join us to help make this support system even stronger.

Semper Fidelis

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Leatherneck boasts the most powerful database system of any Marine website. It's search features and tools are very robust and easy to use. Search for Marines you went to bootcamp with, Marines you served with at different bases and Marines who live in your community now.
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Whether you are a Marine, parent, spouse, poolee or wannabe, you will find all the info you need right here. Just ask...

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