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August 1, 2006

He risked life for his Marines

Capt. Jason Schauble and his men knew exactly what they needed to do: Enter and gain a foothold inside an insurgent-controlled farmhouse.

But the 4th Platoon of 1st Marine Division, 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company came under intense fire from the Iraqi insurgents in January 2005, and one Marine was killed.

For Schauble, deciding what to do was simple. He had no idea his choice would later earn him the military’s third-highest award for valor in combat.

“I did what I did at the time because I thought it was the right thing at the time,” Schauble said Friday morning after an awards ceremony in his honor at Camp Lejeune. “It’s never been about me.”

His men had already pulled back to set up a barricade and were reorganizing for a second assault. Sensing his Marines were in danger, Schauble did what he says any Marine would.

He went alone into the darkened room to recover the fallen Marine. Insurgents fired upon Schauble from less than 6 feet away.

He moved deeper into the room and killed two insurgents before receiving wounds that would cause him to medically retire this week. Schauble, 31, was shot twice in the forearm and once in the chest, which was protected by his body armor.

“I don’t have full use of my right hand,” Schauble said as he attempted to stretch out fingers that seemed as if they were restricted by thick wire.

After being injured, Schauble stayed in what he described as “the middle of the night in the fire,” drawing the insurgents’ attention — and ammunition — toward him.

“Risking his life to protect his Marines,” according to the citation for one award he received Friday, Schauble’s actions allowed his men to move in and kill five insurgents.

Described as “instrumental” in the stand-up of the Marine Forces Special Operations Command, Schauble became the 66th Marine to receive a Silver Star since the war in Iraq began. He also received a Bronze Star with V device for valor and a Meritorious Service Medal before his medical retirement Friday.

“Man, where do we get these Marines?” asked Maj. Gen. Dennis Hejlik, commander of Marines Forces Special Operations Command, after reading a letter describing how Shauble subjected himself to heavy enemy fire and continued to lead his Marines despite severe loss of blood, nerve damage and shock. “We get them right here … the Corps is better because you served.”

Hejlik awarded the Bronze Star to Schauble for combat operations in Iraq in 2004 when he was “instrumental” in planning and implementing his combat team’s successful seizure of Hit and Fallujah.

“He regularly exposed himself to enemy fire to load and direct his Marines, including effective fire on the enemy,” the Bronze Star citation read.... Read More

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Navy Corpsmen: A Marine's Best Friend

The corpsmen warned me the air would be thin up there, but I didn’t notice. This was my first combat patrol and like a child trapped in the dark, I was petrified.

The shoestring-narrow roads around the 6,000-foot mountains of Torkhem, Afghanistan make the battle-hardened Marines I was embedded with something the Taliban doesn’t – nervous.

The drivers, behaving more like tightrope walkers than desert warriors, eased their Humvees along the trails with one eye on the path and the other pragmatically scanning the limitless caves and nomad populations for the enemy.

I didn’t move – not a millimeter – while we climbed along paths so narrow that I honestly thought if I breathed too hard I’d tip us over the side, plummeting us more than a mile down to certain death.

I didn’t breathe. I didn’t blink. I waited for Taliban to ambush us from behind every rock, and there were a lot of rocks.

HN “Doc” Joseph Nededog, noticed my white knuckles.

“You know, I’ve been waiting for months for one of those goats to fall off the side of these mountains,” Nededog quipped. “They never do,” he said with a grin. I smiled, and finally breathed.

That's what “Docs” do. They make everyone comfortable, a when you’re a corpsman for Marines in the heart of insurgent country, helping a photojournalist keep his lunch down and his lungs working is an easy day.

Nededog has seen worse.

After all, it wasn’t the enemy that made these combat veterans slow their pace, and rightfully so. It was Afghanistan itself, not the besieged Taliban, that claimed 3rd Platoon’s first soul in a Humvee rollover less than a month before this patrol.

Doc Nededog rolled that day too; still, he managed to treat his turret gunner who lay motionless, crushed between his weapon and the callous Afghanistan desert floor. It wasn’t enough. Third Platoon lost a Marine that day. Losing any Marine is terrible, but to these Marines, all Marines, the thought of losing a corpsman was unimaginable.

That’s how much Marines love their corpsmen..Read More

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