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May 1, 2006

Looking back with a smile

Our character as Marines is forged by our training, history and adherence to our core values. From time to time as Marines, we come across situations where taking care of a Marine and adhering to our values takes on a special meaning; this is one of those times.

I was the S4 at the Basic School (TBS) and was tasked with overseeing the dedication of the new Infantry Officer’s Course building (IOC) in honor of a Korean War Medal of Honor recipient 1st Lt Frank Mitchell. Up to this point, I didn’t know anything about Lt Mitchell or the process of getting a government building named in honor of a war hero.... Read More

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"I have been in the company of heroes…"
2/7 memorializes 13 fallen

Before leaving home for his second tour to Iraq, Staff Sgt. Daniel Clay left a letter with his family and an instruction to open it only in the event of his death. Clay was killed in action in Iraq on Dec. 1, 2005.

“But here is something tangible,” wrote Clay. “What we have done in Iraq is worth any sacrifice. Why? Because it was our duty…Without duty, life is worthless.”

Clay and 12 other Marines from 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, who perished during their deployment to Iraq while performing their duties as Marines, were honored at a memorial service April 21 in the presence of their families and brothers-in-arms. The War Dogs deployed to Iraq for the second time in July and returned to Twentynine Palms late January.

“Every Marine we honor here this morning was a great and selfless man drawn to the Corps by a sense of duty,” said Lt. Col. Joseph a. L’Etoile, commanding officer, 2/7. “A duty they were faithfully and bravely performing when they were taken by the enemy, an enemy that attacks hope and the human spirit.”..Read More

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Quote of the Month
"The safest place in Korea was right behind a platoon of Marines. Lord, how they could fight!"
Major General Frank E. Lowe

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