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April 1, 2006

Leatherneck.com wants to give you MONEY! 
Another Leatherneck first...

Sound to good to be true? Well believe it!  

Leatherneck's first priority has been to take care of Marines. What better way to help than to give money to Marines? We have setup an affiliate program that will pay you money for every sale in the Marine Corps Mall and Marine Corps Classifieds. You have a website or email your friends? Simply sign up for Leathereck's affiliate program, include the links on your website or emails and start earning money TODAY!
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Is the change really for life…when it comes to the core values?

Are these values just another PR marketing tool being used for recruiting or are they values we honestly believe in and abide by… for life? 

I remember when there was a big push in the early 90’s to get these Core Values out to all Marines and ensure they all understand them.  Instructors were assigned at all commands to present the Core Values and explain what they meant to us as Marines.  We were very successful in doing this and subsequently have made them a major part of everything seen and “done” by Marines from basic training to career level assignments.  But do we actually practice what we preach; do all measure up to this standard…is the change really for life?...   Read More

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Who is Bulldozer Bob?

Lt. Colonel Robert (Bob) Adelhelm, USMC Ret., affectionately know as Bulldozer Bob will be providing insightful blogs and articles to Leatherneck.com. Bob's "No BS" approach is sure to be the topic of conversation.

You can learn more about Bulldozer Bob and see all of his Blogs here: Click Here

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Membership has it's Privileges

Leatherneck is continuously developing new tools and features to enhance our community. We are constantly upgrading, testing and launching various features on Leatherneck. One of newest features is paid membership. With different levels of paid membership, you obtain access to special features, tools, discounts and give-aways. In addition, you can feel good knowing that your membership dollars are spent to take care of Marines  which is Leatherneck's #1 priority!

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Latest Leatherneck Discussions

1. Remember When!
2. Pictures of the Year.
3. Medal of Honor recipient Doss dies.
4. An Infantry Colonel’s Foxhole Report from Iraq.
5. Marines raise relief funds through Camp Foster field day face-off

Latest Leatherneck News

1. Quantico falls to Belvoir men.
2. Assistant Commandant pays visit to local Medical Holding Platoon.
3. Marines run 40-mile race to raise funds for military.
4. Club gives TBS Marines chance to spread wings.
5. New MOL program helps manage Corps careers.

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Latest Poolee Discussion

1. I have a question about an MOS.
2. Chance of joining usmc?
3. Anti-War people suck.
4. Teens get weekend full of life as a Marine.
5. 'Key Influencers' Get an Eyeful at Marine Boot Camp.

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Latest Blogs

2. What are they thinking!
3. United we stand; Divided we fall!
4. What did the big Bush say to the little Bush?
5. Best Form of Flattery.

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Top 5 EZINE Articles

1. The Black Widow (2453 Views)
2. Dear Jane Fonda (1832 Views)
3. Second Best? (769 Views)
4. From The World To OZ (603 Views)
5. Traditional horns reinstated for bugle calls at 'Oldest Post of the Corps' (601 Views)

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Who are you?

Leatherneck has created an advanced member profile system. Our new system allows members to input information based on whether you are a Marine, family member, poolee, friend or spouse. This is system includes a profile picture and your very own photo gallery.

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In This Issue

1. Leatherneck Money
2. Honor, Courage, Commitment
3. Who is Bulldozer Bob?
4. Membership
5. Leatherneck's Latest
6. Who Are you?
7. Latest Arcade Games
8. Promotion Warrant
9. Quote of the Month

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Latest Arcade Games

1. Frogger
2. Qbert
3. Banana Barrage
4. Battleship
5. Blast Billiards
6. Burger Time
7. Donkey Kong 
8. Missle Command
9. Ms Pacman
10. Paintballing

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Promotion Warrant

This month Leatherneck.com promoted Jim Nelson (jinelson)to Squad Leader. Jim has been working in an unofficial capacity for some time now. His effort and commitment on Leatherneck has not gone unnoticed.

Congratulations Jim and keep up the good work.

Semper Fi,
Jerry Shaffer

Founder & Director of Leatherneck.com




Quote of the Month
"Marines die, that's what we're here for. But the Marine Corps lives forever. And that means YOU live forever."
GySgt. Hartman
(R Lee Ermey)

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