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January 8, 2007

Leadership takes new steps in Iraq

Junior noncommissioned officers march by the airfield with NCO sabers at their side.

Their ceremonial strut offers a fitting metaphor, as these Marines take the necessary steps to becoming the Corps’ next leaders.

Marine Wing Support Squadron 373, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward), hosted Corporals Course Class 1-06 and graduated 24 Marines December 15.

“As an instructor, it’s my job to teach the corporals how to become the best NCOs possible,” said Staff Sgt. Robert Armendariz, company gunnery sergeant of Air Field Operations Company, MWSS-373 and instructor for 1st Squad, Class 1-06. He added that the graduates now possess the tools to help them become great mentors and outstanding leaders.

The course featured two grueling weeks of close order drill, physical training and classroom material. A few Marines who participated in the course said, it was an essential step to becoming a competent NCO.

“Being a corporal is more than having (a higher rank), it’s earning the title to be a leader,” said Cpl. Benjamin M. Manibog, 19, a maintenance management clerk with MWSS-373. He added that everything he learned, from close order drill movements to the fundamentals of Marine Corps leadership, will be something he passes on to his junior Marines.

Manibog, a Los Angeles native, was the top graduate of Class 1-06.

Armendariz said the Marines marched every morning, afternoon and evening to instill discipline within the new NCOs. Whether learning leadership traits, styles and principals in the classroom or outside for drill, the Marines always worked as a team...Read More


Marines run with Christmas spirit

Christmas is a time for giving, a time for families to get together and share happiness. For deployed service members, the ‘family get-together’ is a little bit different.

Troops from all around Camp Taqaddum gathered on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holiday by running a 5-kilometer race.

It was the fourth of five races making up the Camp Taqaddum Road Series. The events were organized to boost morale, said Capt. James R. Uwins, environmental and safety officer of 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward).

For some service members, the race presented a chance to showcase their physical ability and endurance.

“I am running this for myself and to do better than I did the last race,” said Cpl. Leif L. Dawson, a supply clerk with Headquarters Company, Marine Wing Support Squadron 373, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward). “It gives me a sense of pride, especially when I beat everyone that works with me.”

For others, the competition was friendlier and provided an opportunity to meet new people

“Today was great for meeting people you don’t get to see because of the shift you work,” said Cpl. Davis J. Reichel, 22, a nuclear, biological and chemical specialist with 1st MLG (Forward) and a native of Staples, Michigan...Read More


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Service members unite in effort to save girl's life

"She is our future... that's why we support the Iraqi Police, so they can provide a secure future for (Iraqi children)," said Lt. Col. Bob McCarthy, a 41-year-old Police Transition Team Leader from East Bridgewater, Mass., in response to an Iraqi tribal leader's gratitude toward U.S. forces for their efforts to save an Iraqi youth named Riyam Shihan.

The Girl
In the afternoon of October 13th, nine-(and-a-half)-year-old Riyam was in her aunt's house playing with her cousin.

A few hours later, many doubted she would live to play again.

The Grunt
Marine Corporal Justin T. Abraham spotted him first: an Iraqi man stumbling toward his position, his arms clutching a bundle of blankets.

"At first I thought he was carrying a bomb," said Abraham, a 23-year-old native of Oxford, Mich. and a Marine with PTT 6, Regimental Combat Team 5, 1st Marine Division.

Then Abraham saw the girl and all of the blood, and he knew his first instinct was wrong. He also knew he needed to find a doctor...Read More

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