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    1813 - Marines landed at york, Lake Ontario, with soldiers to burn stores and barracks of the British.
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  • •  Parris Island-1106

    I was in PLT1106 PI. I remeber those DI's, as well as SSGT Liu (spelling?) who was the SDI before Pitts came along. Semper Fi ...

    •  Graduation Platoon 1004 10/7/1994 Alpha Company

    As the DI's would call us.... Butts Buddies.... I was one of them. You were the SOB that would make me laugh when you would do the Gomer Pile face and make me (sometime all of us) go to the quarterde ...

    •  Marine Barracks Panama Canal

    Jim or James Ector, we roomed together at Summit. Although In I was married at the time and had to keep a wall locker, rack and other gear in the room for inspection. I have a home in Panama now, al ...

    •  Need Some Guidance Please Help

    There is so much I could say on this topic but, I'll keep it simple. This is a new generation is smarter than the old. From 1900's to 2013 the average IQ of a person today is smarter than 95% of peopl ...

    •  Marine Barracks Panama Canal

    Just a heads up...we have a facebook group for all Marines that served in Panama. Just follow this link: [url][/url] ...