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    1941 - The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour left more than 3,000 Marines and Sailors killed in action

    1941 - Midway Island shelled. 1st Lt. George Ham Cannon was the first Marine of WWII to receive the Medal of Honor.
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    Marine Corps Birthday
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    [QUOTE=03SGT;bt469]I got to the canal zone in early 77 and left in 78. got there as a Pvt and left as a Cpl. My name is Gramajo. I did most of my time over at Summit with Ssgt Bowersox. Left there and ...

    •  Vietnam I Corps Marines 1965-1975

    I served with 3/5 at An Hoa from 1968-1969. I was the driver going around the Delta defense perimeter on Feb 23, 1969 when the ammo dump was blowing up picking up our wounded along with Lt. Benz and t ...