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    1862 - Marines raised the flag, symbolizing the Union’s capture of New Orleans during the Civil War.

    1975 - Marine helos HMH-462, HMH-463, HMH-165, and BLT 2/4 evacuated 6,968 people from Vietnam during Operation Frequent Wind.
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    Marine Corps Birthday
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    I don't do blogs myself but I read your's and Gunny's responses which expressed many aspects of our experiences clearly enough and quite well I would add.. For me...I still 'cling to my world of silen ...

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    So many memories of boot camp and 1106. One memory that really sticks out was spending several hours scuzz ragging the squad bay one Saturday morning becasue one of the recruits told the DI somebody * ...

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    ooorraah! USMC I Corps. Vietnam. My Uncle was a sniper in I Corps. God Bless You Marines! ...