A. Duncan and Al Perry after 10 days of fighting on the "meatgrinder" on Iwo Jima

Al Perry, Bob Fleishauer, and Bob Tierney, and at Camp Maui

Taken on Tinian, 50 men left after losing 101 to a Japanese Banzai attack

"A" Company the 26 surviving of all 4 battle campaigns in front of 24th Regiment Memorial 4th Marine Division Maui 1945

A Company End of Iwo Jima, the 37 survivors out of 228 who landed

In January 1944 the 4th Marine Division sailed from San Diego for the Marshall Islands, Roi-Namur in the Kwajalein Atoll. Operation "Flintlock" was the first objective for the Division. Six hours after landing on 1 February 1944 Roi Island was declared secured, and Namur Island was secured just 24 hours and 15 minutes after the first troops landed.