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21_Gun_Salute  Semperfidelis20  MAG-13 H&MS-13 Motor T El Toro

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  1. #1 jennifer
    How sweet... I love that saying down at the bottom. I've heard it before.
    Re: Semperfidelis20
    Matt..... I miss you more then words can say little brother. It helps to know that you're in a better place. It's hard sometimes to come back on this site. Matt..... I bet you're Chesty's favorite! See you soon. Semper Fidelis!
  3. #3 reddog032
    Ooh-Rah!! More people need to understand why we are Marines. I tell them when they ask me why I was a Marine, I say if you want to know become one!! Then you will understand why we are a brotherhood that never dies!! Semper Fi Marine!!
  4. #4 cobrien
    Re: Semperfidelis20
    i love drill instructors!!!! i visited my son in parris island, and i loved the discipline!!!!
  5. #5 RickMyers1981
    Re: Semperfidelis20
    Those that are not us, Will never understand that which binds us.
    "Kill Every Mthr Fkr Coming Up The Hill"