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LCpl Vinnie Cole

Added by jinelson
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Promotion To Sgt 1970  LCpl Vinnie Cole  Stampede Parade Greeley CO

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Comments for LCpl Vinnie Cole (4)

  1. #1
    Stanley Hroszow 06:37 PM
    Stanley Hroszow
    look he got a bang bang. is that a duce& a half? cant see it too clearly
  2. #2 Static_Sky25
    Re: LCpl Vinnie Cole
    looks more like an M923 series (5 tonner) only with an updated front end (one of the "new" oshkosh rigs)
  3. #3 CrazyBrave83
    Re: LCpl Vinnie Cole
    I googled this Lance Coolie.
  4. #4 jinelson
    ****, your right Matt I just googled him too and he came up!