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Camp Allard 1943

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Description by Ray Merrell

Ray Merrell

A Raider Campsite

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  1. #1 Ray Merrell
    The thing in the foreground is a "Lister Bag" filled with drinking water flavored with chlorine. A Raider campsite was needed, the selected site was three miles from a Marine replacement camp. They needed Marines to build the camp so a recruiting system was set up at the replacement camp. Using the Corps band, replacements were lined up and given a stirring speech about the glory of being a Raider. Then the band played a few marches ending with the Marine hymn. Interested Marines were to take three steps forward. It took only three trys to get a hundred new Raiders. Their first "glory" was to build a camp. About half a mile up the river was an old dam used for irrigation. We put in a flume to carry water to the camp along a ridge. From there water was piped to the mess halls and showers. We cleared the area, put up tents, dug latrines, set rocks and painted them white and all the work requiring minimum skills. We didn't have proper tools or equipment but we built the camp anyway. The buildings were framed with trees cut from the surrounding areas then covered with canvas. About a month after we were in camp two elderly Frenchmen and two French police in uniforms filed a claim against us for the value of the trees and were there to collect. I don't know what the outcome was. After the camp was occupied, the name ALLARD was suggested and Col Shapley approved. Robert ALLARD was killed during the Makin raid when he and four others attempted a rescue effort from the submarine back to the island. All five were awarded the Navy Cross posthumously. April 28, 1943, 800 Old Raiders arrived, May 2nd we all moved to Camp Allard
  2. #2 raymond61011
    Re: Camp Allard 1943
    Remarkable means and ways to complete the awarded/assigned tasks. Marines are PEERLESS !How do I know ? Brief testimony: (a) At Allied Forces Southern Europe, Naples Italy in 1977-79 our Marines began a relay race from Naples to Rome, charity proceeds went to a Italian Crippled Children's Home north of Naples. A few from the Marine Barracks and CINCSOUTH -- Admiral Harold Edson Shear, my boss -- were on the disabled list, but still came through as support drivers, e.g. Colonel Bob Hallett, Corporal Jones, Sgt. Rohrbach, Sgt. Whaley led the pack admirably. I have an official NATO photo of the team in stride contiguous to the Coliseum in Rome. (b) My current boss, Frank Kauer served twenty years -- 1975-1995 -- with the El Toro Marine Airwing. I am proud to work for a Marine.(c) My landlord, David T. Brinsmead served in the Corps. We share this bivouac here in Concord under his command and influence, his motto being, "Every Marine's a Rifleman."Nuff ced from this Navy stew burner. Thank you Mr. Merrell, and Godspeed.
  3. #3 Ray Merrell
    Re: Camp Allard 1943
    Raymond61011, Thank you for your reply and your report, and a big thank you to all of you for your service and dedication to our country. Marines are THE GREATEST! Gung Ho, Ray (Louis Raymond)