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My 15.3 Quater Horse, Cody!

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  1. #1 poolee kellogg
    Re: Cody
    he's a fine looking animal.... you've raised him well.... good job.....
  2. #2 FutMWDHandler
    Re: Cody
    Thank you! He's my little son/munchkin! All full of energy and always getting into trouble and disturbing the peace at the barn. He must take after his mommy! lol
  3. #3 poolee kellogg
    Re: Cody
    lol..... well he looks mighty fine.... and inorder for him to be a Future Devil Dog's horse...... he should be able to raise a little hell.....
  4. #4 FutMWDHandler
    Re: Cody
    Thank you. He should indeed, not too much that he disturbs the peace at the barn. lol