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Airborne Operation

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Airborne Operation

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  1. #1 loner2
    Re: Airborne Operation
    OK, I'm on our Leatherneck website that I just discovered last week and I see the " Airborne Rigger" headline and I say to myself HUNHH? I'm Canadian. When all those nutless Socialist Cowards were flooding into Canada in the sixties, thousands of us went the other direction. When I showed up at the Marine recruiting office in Buffalo in March of 68, the recruiter told me the Crotch was filling its quota along the border 100% with Canadians. I wasn't surprised. Canada was in WW1 and WW2 years before the U.S. joined the fight. But we will forever remember the Americans who came north and joined the Canadian Forces and went to war because it was the right thing to do. In Vietnam we repaid a debt of honour. Getting to the Airborne Rigger thing. When I returned to Canada, I, of course, Joined the army. To make a long story short, I wound up becoming an Airborne rigger until I eventually retired in '97(I was 50 and they wouldn't deploy me to Afghanistan-so screw them). Anyhew- good to see you here, Drop me a line if this gets through to you-Semper Fi my friend.
  2. #2 SNestler
    Re: Airborne Operation
    Thank you very much Brother for all you have done and Semper Fi!