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    Quote Originally Posted by maspotente2 View Post
    That's what the dr. said. In another 2 years or so there will be some new meds. I dont drink, smoke, or take any meds that might affect my liver. I watch what I eat (no red meat) and I exercise (run). I will continue to keep y'all posted.

    Semper Fi My Brother....OoRah!

    Stay strong brother, the doctor told me they have several treatments being tested that have great potential. Continue taking care of yourself so you will be healthy enough to take the treatment in the future.

    The 18th I went to the GI Clinic in New Orleans for my consultation. The reason being to make sure I'm healthy enough to tolerate the drugs. They determined that I’m possibly a good candidate for the new treatment.

    They want me to do a Colonoscopy to check for polyps and a upper GI Endoscopy to check on my stomach problems to be sure I can tolerate the drugs.

    One of the drugs can cause lung problems, so they also want me to see a lung specialist as my hi-res CT scan showed considerable tissue damage.

    If these test turn out okay, they will start my treatments in January. The doctor said if I clear the virus they will stop at week 24 or 25. He also said that the new treatment has a 80% chance of remission.

    With our Faith, the support of our brothers and a little luck, we ALL will beat this.

    Semper Fi

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    That,s good news Jamie.I have three more weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jarheads for you,re prayers and support. L/CPL Whitaker

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    My prayers are with all my Marine Brothers that have this disease. We are "First to Fight!" and we will continue to fight this. Semper Fi!

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    There is a new med being developed by Pharmasset, Princeton, New Jersey, but I have no idea when it will be releases to the public. They are to report their progress and results after a Nov. 6 meeting with a liver council. Look it up.

    I have my chance now. I see the gastro clinic on Nov. 15. I've had my consultation and will be dispensed the meds then.

    I'm trying to get to 185 pounds to I can get the lighter dosage, there is something about over/under 185 pounds dosages. I'm at 195 now down from 214. I've dropped the weight on purpose and because my sugar was up but now under control. Once before I dropped weight and everyone got all worried so I deliberately put it back on just to see if I could, no problem. Weight is a lot easier to put on than take off. Wanna' lose weight, go to a surplus store and buy a box of C-Rats!!, just kidding.

    Anyway, drink 64 ounces of water/liquid a day!!!! Coffee doesn't count!!

    To all my brothers, spread the word to other Marines and veterans you know to GET TESTED FOR HCV!!

    Hang tight my brothers,
    Ted Pietz

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2599108 View Post
    That,s good news Jamie.I have three more weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jarheads for you,re prayers and support. L/CPL Whitaker
    Hey brother,

    Care to tell us a little bit about what to expect in regard to side effects or are we better off not knowing? Getting to know your enemies capability is a good first step toward victory. I start treatment Nov.18.


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    I Googled the info from Pharmasset and passed it on to my dr. It's another chance to beat this disease. The side effects are different with everyone...the main thing is to keep your head on straight. You will experience some pain in your joints, some headaches, feeling rundown, etc. That's just after the Interferon shot. You will get better as the week progresses. Once you are into your 3rd / 4th week, the side effects become a little more tolerable. Go Tedster...God & the Marines are behind you all the way.
    Semper Fi...OoRah!!!

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    pegasys and ribulin

    Ted, I,m not sure if you will do the same treatment as I,But I started 1st of june 2011. one shot pegasys interferon 180 @ 1930 hrs ,two pills two hun mg ribavirn. Within 24 hrs I felt as if I was thrown off a 4 story building.The pain was not expected by me,maybe they were afraid I would back out,but I was determined to take control! The pain in the joints faded in a couple of days to a tolerable level.I continue to take the pills every 12 hrs.On the seventh day I took the second shot and the pain started all over again.They told me to drink half my weight in water daily.for example :if you weigh 160 pds you need to drink 80 oz of water daily.Your taste buds will change ,metalic taste in your mouth,use plastic forks. your apetite will change,I had a rough time the first 12 weeks but thanks to you guys I stayed strong. You can do this and get through as I have done ,The side effects are almost gone completly,but still have a few,though not as bad.I live alone and was not able to get out in the begining,had to rely on friends and family to bring food ,could not function well enough to drive. My treatment is almost through the blood work looks good ,still have low blood cells,will take time .by then I,ll have a little more energy. I will continue to pray for each of you and I hope this was of some help!!!!!! DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED IT WILL PASS> L/CPL WHITAKER

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    I have also been diagnosed with Hep C. Went through parris island jan 67. Still have my platoon grad book which has pictures of us unsuspecting guinea pigs on line with a corpsman holding the very gun we're talking about. The only way to get the powers that be to recognize this disease is to stick together and bombard our congressman, senators and any other reps with letters E-Mails and phone calls. One other thing ...join the DAV and file a claim...if rejected APPEAL. If rejected again request a hearing. Let's do it

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    I had no problem when I enlisted in the Corps, with the fact that at some point it could be a fatal decision. What I didn't plan on having happen, is the inoculations at MCRD PISC and the water at Camp Lejeune being what killed me.

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    Welcome to our little Brotherhood within our Marine Brotherhood Marvin and namvet676869. As always, we are Marines helping Marines.
    We are a very close knit group supporting each other with information, prayers and words of encouragement. Please feel to join in with us.

    Namvet, as per site rules, please fill out your profile so we know who we are talking to brother.

    This is my last e-mail update.

    Dear Jamie,

    October is Liver Awareness Month.

    This Research & Treatment News update gives you highlights from the
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    Hepatitis C Triple Therapy Response Predicted in Four Weeks

    Results from a newly published study reveal a way to predict who can be
    cured of Hepatitis C, providing motivation for affected individuals to
    complete treatment.

    To learn more, click below:

    Encouraging Interim Trial Results for Hep C Non-Responders

    After just three months of a Phase 2b study, Setrobuvir with pegylated
    interferon and ribavirin led to undetectable viral levels in over three
    quarters of previous Hepatitis C treatment non-responders.

    To learn more, click below:

    Companies Unite to Develop Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Vaccines

    A partnership has been formed between Inovio Pharmaceuticals and VGX
    International to co-develop therapeutic vaccines for both Hepatitis C
    and Hepatitis B.

    To learn more, click below:

    Hep C Trial Arm Added Due to Favorable PSI-7977 Data

    Due to continued positive results, Pharmasset’s Hepatitis C trial for
    PSI-7977 has been expanded to include monotherapy.

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    Semper Fi

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    Crap, I left the "unsubscribe" and "modify" link on that, then it wouldn't let me edit it.

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    Thanks Jamie,I,m getting close Brother.Last blood test showed slight drop in white cells, probably the ice cream I had the day before .After reading you article ,I will stay away from sweets awhile!!! L/CPL Whitaker

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    No problem brother, whatever I can do to help.

    That one is a little tough for me as I have a sweet craving that drives me crazy every night around 2200.

    Hang tough my brothers.

    As always your all in my prayers.

    Semper Fi

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    Just started treatment


    Just started Pegysus with riboviron from VA.

    The 1st 4 weeks will be Peg-interferon and riboviron only.

    After 4 week lead in I will get the Bocepravir., 4 pills every 8 hours.

    Hopefully the total deal will be 28 weeks.

    I feel like I just landed on the beach with the rest of you guys. Let's bury these little bastards together!!

    Semper Fi,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamielang1951 View Post
    No problem brother, whatever I can do to help.

    That one is a little tough for me as I have a sweet craving that drives me crazy every night around 2200.

    Hang tough my brothers.

    As always your all in my prayers.

    Semper Fi
    Try stuff made with Splenda, it tastes like sugar because it's made from sugar! I bought some life savers with it, awesome! It's called sucralose on the list of products that say sugar free. Waist Watchers soda has it too and only a buck.

    Check with your Dr. to see if it's OK on the liver.


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