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    I went through 1st battalion in 67. Same thing, Airgun blood smear, Also blood on training gear. Heck, blood and training go hand in hand.

    This is what I'm working on, getting the list of risk factors broadened to include the reality of military life. Do you know that the VA does NOT recognize exposure to blood in combat as a risk factor!, that is crazy man when the virus is spread blood to blood, blood to mucus membrane too.

    All we can do is to write our reps and plead with them to do something about it. Tell them to talk to Congressman Mike Michaud D-Maine about it. He knows me well and is supportive to a certain degree.

    We must stop being single snowflakes and join together to become a storm in order to be heard and we can do it right here brothers.

    Hep-C is no small matter of a few vets sick, there are at least 250,000 of us. 7 per day are dieing from its conplications, that's a lot of grieving families.

    Secretary Shinseki talked about starting the NVVLS again, National Vietnam Veterans Longitudinal Study again to lo0ok a the health effects on Vietnam vets.
    This may lead to something. Ask your reps to support it as it will help understanding all veteran health issues including women.

    Oh yeah, Were you one of the lucky one the treatment worked on? what Genotype did you have?

    Be well brother,

    Quote Originally Posted by jumpinjack View Post
    I went though boot camp in 1968, I also have been tested positive for hep c, I underwent the 48 weeks of self injections and chem. treatment. That was about the nasties drug treatment I ever experienced.I kept wondering where the heck I got this from, alot makes sense now. I remember them long lines of boots with blood running down our arms.

    Semper Fi

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    We band of sick brothers and sisters.

    You are right Ted. We need to continue to make noise with our government. I am amassing information in regard to "Hep C from Jetgun injector in the military. I am trying to get to a trial. I am working with an advocate here in Orange County, California. I went through 96 weeks of daily interferon injections. One word "misery". After the first 48 weeks, I was borderline "non-responder" my doc suggested to go another 48. Hard choice. I have been virus free for a year and a half. I was geno-type 1. Don't give up! Let's get healthy and keep fighting the VA/govt.

    Tony Johnson

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    I went to boot at PI in 68, seen same thing blood running down everybodys arm,so far i dont have it . another grim reaper on our trail, i wish you all good luck,...s/f............usmc

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    My VA Appointment was canceled ........

    Now I don't go back to the VA until March 1st
    (unless they cancel again)

    I will ask about the new drug Telaprevir and how the trials are going when I see them............

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    Thank you Drifter so much for all your hard work and information. I'm a survivor of hep c. I went through the daily injections of infergen for 96! weeks. Not quite sure how i made it. Marine spirit. I've been fighting the VA over this issue for years and with your information I'm confident of a positive outcome. I've been negative now for 18 months. Suffer minor side effects but I will be fine. Thanks again and God bless you. Tony

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    You Guys got something there.Everything you say makes absolute Seance .I never learned how to use one of those jet-guns and never used one.I certainly remember the corpsman using those things on me.The air pressure is so great that it separates your pores.There could be micro-scopic scatter.It could go in between the jet-nozzles and sit there.The Va will claim that it blows-out-not in.........Anyway Good Luck you guys....S/F and God Bless.

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    That's sense not the word I used seance-Wo that's scary boys and girls..........Ofcause the Va -does'nt believe the dirty water story..They are automatically prejudiced-because of drug use and sex-but what you say may actually be true.......Check out some research-if there is,even any in existence........ I'm with YA.....even though I dont have Hep C-I have residuals of Hepatitis due to Mononucleosis .In simple words I have a large liver...........I got it from a Virus...Hep C is a Virus..........Cure that Sh*t.............

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    I to remember the blood running down our arms in 1969. I have had some mild symptoms for over 20 years (dull pain under right side ribs). As of late it has been getting much worst, and with extreme fatigue, swelling feet and legs, and jaundice. I was just diagnosed by the VA, who did a routine test during my induction in to the system. I've been going crazy trying to figure our how I contracted it as I'm in a no risk category. Thanks so much for this info.

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    Jamielang1951-The swelling feet I'm not sure of-If your on the yellow side-your Beli-Rubin is probably up.Above 1.6H is a little jaundice looking -not bad but yellowish.Very important to know what your Liver Functions are.There are two for the liver:SGPT and SGOT-neither should be above the number 46.0......mine were more like 146 to 160 for over thirty years.........Now I'm normal under 46.0-First thing you should do is not to drink alcohol at all-until you find out what your Enzymes are.When I had Mono-my functions were over 400.00 for each.Therefore you may have Mono and or Epstein-Barr Virus......These days you have to watch out for Tick-Bites-I heard people turn a little yellow from that........Any Way Hope you Got Nothing.......S/F Jaundiced Brother............

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    Also-Pain maybe caused by Chololiths-(Gall-Bladder Stones)disease-The VA should be able to find the problem...........Get Well Soon..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by HM3 Doc Wilder View Post
    Also-Pain maybe caused by Chololiths-(Gall-Bladder Stones)disease-The VA should be able to find the problem...........Get Well Soon..........
    Thanks for the info and your well wishes Doc. I have an appointment the with the VA the 15th and will get the reports on all my blood work then. I'm assuming they did HCV genotyping also. I guess the next step will be a sonogram of my liver to check for any tumors and they can check for stones at the same time.

    All these years I had the dull pain under my ribs, I always assumed it was Chololiths, and as a Marine I know better than to assume anything.
    Drinking is no problem, a social drink Christmas and New Years is it, guess I'll skip the Mardi Gras parties, lol. I'm taking fluid pills and they help some of the swelling, not all. The swelling goes to my face and hands while lying down, expecially in the mornings.

    Well wishes to you also Doc

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    We must unite.

    We must pass the word!

    Write to your representatives in Congress, especially to Congressman Michaud from Maine who is the subcommittee chairman on veterans health. He knows a thing or two about HCV from yours truly. He agrees that HCV should be included onto the list of Infectious diseases at 38 CFR 4.88b. Urge him to act on that.

    Also contact Bob Filner - California. as I spoke to him about it also.

    Write to Chellie Pingree Maine as I'v espoken to her also.

    Write to Miller from Florida as I spoke to him about it also in Sanford Maine in 2008.

    Write to the entire committee on Veterans Affairs, especially those Congressman who chair the committee on Veterans Health.

    There are 5 resolutions being considered by the Vietnam Veterans of America for their National Convention in August. Write to the VVA and suggest that the resolutions about Hepatitis C be adopted.

    The Disabled Veterans of America have a resolution that all Vietnam ERA veterans should be tested for Hepatitis C. They lost the same resolution but it is being sent back to Joe Violante at the DAV Legislative office in DC for them to present to the membership at their National Convention in New Orleans this year. Tell him you do not want to resolution to be lost again.

    These resolutions deal with presumption for Hepatitis C for veterans who are denied VA claims due to "no known cause", having HCV added to the list of infectious diseases at 38 CFR 4.88b, having the list of risk factors updated to include air gun injectors as a risk factor, testing Vietnam Era veterans and having Study 488 updated to be more realistic in regard to the fact that it is too narrow in scope geographically and demographically. See study 488 on Goggle, 1day only on 1288 veterans in San Jose , Cal.

    The only way that we as veterans and especially Marines, are going to shed the stigma associated with this disease is to join together in an operation to enlighten our representatives that we take this issue seriously even if they do not.

    How serious is Hepatitis C?
    In the last five years the rate of infection has gone up from 4 million Americans to 5.4 million Americans.

    Among veterans the rate is 5 to 1 as compared to the civilian population.

    5 years ago there were 250,000 veterans with HCV, how many now?

    There are 7 veterans a day dieing from HCV related disease, liver and pancreatic cancer. It's a constant worry when you have grenades going off in your liver!

    More people will die from HCV related illness in the next 5 years than from HIV/AIDS.

    All of these numbers can be verified at the VA website /Hepatitis C/ FAQ

    Malaria, Beri Beri, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, even HIV/AIDS are listed under Infectious Diseases at 38 CFR 4.88b but Hepatitis C is not, that is why there is stigma because the general population does not realize anyone can catch Hep-C. see 38 CFR 4.88b on Goggle.

    These is just some of the rational why we should take up the fight so please write your reps about what we have said here along with your personal story about yourself or a loved suffering from the "Silent Killer" and keep up the pressure.


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    Liver Function Tests

    My recent ALT/AST are in the normal range but my viral load is around 10 million.
    This is why HCV is known as the "Silent Killer" because you just do not know if you have it unless you are tested for it. If you are a Vietman ERA veteran ask to be tested. The VA will provide a blood test to see if you ever were exposed to the virus or if you presently have the virus. There was no test prior to 1992 when by the way the military stopped using air gun injectors and wen to single use syringes, humm!
    Write to your reps and say that all Vietnam ERA veterans should be tested so we find out once and for all the extent of the problem.

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    Study 488 makes it sound like we were all junkies in country. Truth be told, Germany was a cesspool of Hep-C and they were selling and donating blood that we used in the field in Nam. I personally never saw a Marine using a needle in Nam. How about you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedster View Post

    Study 488 makes it sound like we were all junkies in country. Truth be told, Germany was a cesspool of Hep-C and they were selling and donating blood that we used in the field in Nam. I personally never saw a Marine using a needle in Nam. How about you?

    I knew guys that snorted junk, they told me it was so pure you didn't have to use a needle. I thought they were nuts for snorting that poison.

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