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    Retired deputy police chief, retired Air Guard MSgt. Sold my graphics business almost two-years ago. I do Venturing Scouting, teach wilderness first aid to Scouts, read a lot and do research into my various learning interests (training, police-use-of-force, first aid, etc). Enjoying my kids.

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    I am in last year of Chiropractic College. Next year move to Phoenix and open a large pain relief clinic, disc decompression therapy, headache relief, fibromyalgia treatment, etc. Best thing that I ever did, start helping others. Semper Fi, Tom

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    Retired after sixty-on years, including MC. Currently trying to break the Guiness Book of Records on the number of diseases one man can have and still be around.

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    Retired & living the life of Riley on my military and Social Security checks. Other than the Corps Best thing that ever happened to me was retiring at age 62 which was a few years ago.

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    Life is grand,,,,,,, or a *****. Depending on your eyesight,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Retired from the "Jack of all Trades, Master of One" field at 55, been aggravating everybody I know since (and the on-line crowd since I got a computer).

    There's some really hard scratchin' in your area (SW VA and Eastern KY), but folks in that area have a way of coping, those that can't head towards the money (usually to other States).

    All the best to you and yours.

    Semper Fi

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    Maintenance Engineer for a large Senior Citizen apt. complex...great job/benefits.... the whole package.

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    After retitement when to work as purchasing agent f/two different companys when the second moved out of state opened a bar and grill an let my son work it now just sit back an go broke with the way things are going

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    usmc from 1980-1991, correction deputy for the past 16 yrs.
    Semper Fi

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    It pays pretty much the same. Though I can work overtime and make out pretty good. I can't see myself ever working in the mines. I am going to try and stay here so I can be close to my kids. Working in a prison is for the birds. But it is a job. How did you Marines get from Discharge to where you are at now. Me, I got married my last year in ...moved here to SW Virginia about a mile from my mother-in-law ( wifes idea) now I am stuck like chuck. Bought a house three years ago and co-signed on a new van for her three months ago now all of a sudden she wants to be seperated. Something aint it. Starting over but I kept my job for now.

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    I'm working for Security Services Company in St. Louis Missouri as Operations Manager, was in Corps 1970-1974.

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    Dept of Army Police Sergeant 04-Present
    Various and sundry Law Enforcement jobs prior to that

    Own my own VERY small business, Guardian Security and Investigations. Think "Jim Rockford" on a low budget LOL.

    Just picked up a part time gig as the Logistics Chief of the US Marine Corps Historical Company (USMCHC). Great job!

    Finally got my 20 and retired from the Air Guard last month. 3 years with them, 13 years Active duty in the Corps, 2 years USMCR, 3 years more or less Army Reserve.

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    Long Island, New York
    Firefighter/Paramedic and EMT Instructor at night.

    Hey Lep, I am a huge military history buff, how did you get hooked up with the job at USMCHC?

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    Warehouse manager for an hydraulic seal distributor. It's a good setup for now, but I'm not satisfied with being in the civilian world so I'm working on getting my B.S. in Computer Science asap and get back in the Corps. Unfortunately I don't have time to join the reserves otherwise I'd be doing that as well.

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    Biochemist in Research & Development in food industry. I basically make flavor enhancements and develop new flavors.

    Previously worked for Army Corps of Engineers in Aquatic Research.

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