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    Got out in 05', used the GI Bill to go to a tech school. Was a diesel and auto tech for an oil field company for 3 years, but 2 years ago moved over to the electronics side of the company. Its pretty easy when things are going well, but when equipment gets a mind of its own it can be hell.

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    Been working in the Plastics injection molding field for the last 16 years. I am currently unemployed but have had two interviews in the past week at the same CO and have been told they have one of three jobs for me and will get back when they figure it out.


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    @Scott: Crappy economy. You might want to go out and tell them you'd take one of the other jobs if the preferred jig doesn't pan out.

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    I have had two interviews with a local company and was told last Tuesday that they have one of three jobs for me. I am waiting for them to let me know.
    Shift supervisor
    Maintenance PM tech
    team lead in the sidle dept
    Maintenance PM tech for @2 months and then Shift super


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    After my years in WW II service, I worked in a Locker Plant for two years, then became Manager of a Locker Plant and MFA Elevator Grain & Feed Co. , when tired of the long hours I then became Meat Department Manager for a United Super Market. After retiring from that I sold real estate for Centry 21 for ten years - before retireing again. I now have rental houses to keep me busy.

    Gung Ho,


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    Quote Originally Posted by airwinghma View Post
    I have had two interviews with a local company and was told last Tuesday that they have one of three jobs for me.
    It's been a week? I'd suggest calling them back the first chance you get to tell them how much you liked the sound of the job, the things the company did, and how you'd love to become part of their organization.

    It may sound like brown nosing, but that's only because it is. After you are in, do whatever you do. Getting in the door is your main objective at this point.

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    Job offer today maint tech woohoo

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    Had a real good run.

    Got out of the Corps in Jan, 70 at Treasure Island, CA., after spending 3 months at Oak Knoll Hospital. Accidentally wound up working in the retail grocery business for 8 years, before having an accident in one store that aggravated a knee injury from Nam.
    Went to school, and ended up working in product development in Silicon Valley. This went well until 2009, when I had to have that knee replaced.
    Been unemployed since. It's tough in the job market, but tougher if your over
    60, (even over 40 these days).

    One day at a time.
    Ever forward.

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    USMC '67-'70 Got out, bounced around for a few years, got into electrical work. Thinking about retiring but I like my job and don't want to lose the income. First grandchild coming this week!

    Semper Fi

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    Worked law enforcement for a few years.Then I carried mail for twenty years.Retired,and I'm not good at it!
    Semper Fi

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    Retired . Work a little , fish a little , hike some and read quite a bit .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyfish99 View Post
    Retired. Work a little, fish a little, hike some and read quite a bit.
    That sounds pretty good!

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    right now i work in a laundry beating farts out of shirt tails it gets a little hot and smelly but it's a joo

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    Aerospace engineer for 10 years now. Got out of corps in '96, used GI bill to get bachelors in aeronautical & astronautical engineering. Really enjoy reading these posts...brings back a lot of good memories.

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