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    Good Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny!!!!!!!

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    Great song , The Good,Bad & the Ugly..


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    So you think you can drive ???

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    I am VERY proud to introduce you to my DI, S/Sgt. Dower.
    MCRD San Diego, Platoon 3107 June 1969
    I remember the month because I turned 18 in boot camp.

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    My graduation book was damaged by water. I saved what I could.

    Top photo is our guide, PFC Shaddock (not sure how to spell it) and our senior DI S/Sgt Blankenship.

    Second row, 1st photo is me, 2nd photo, S/Sgt. Dower and S/Sgt Blankenship

    Bottom row, Graduation day, S/Sgt Blankenship, 2nd photo, me.

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    Some combat footage I found on the tube.

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    You may want to pause it and let it buffer for a couple of minuets.

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    Ahole was trying to hit the kid on the bike with his door.

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    Guy fires .45 with feet, then loads clip!

    Never, ever, screw with an old Vietnam Vet!!

    Interview with the Vet.

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    the video of the drill team is the best i have had the honor of seeing them in person,awsome,great,fantastic,out of this world dont come close,they are unbeliveable.

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