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    MOS picking?

    ok i might catch **** for this but im trying to figure out what MOS i want ive got 5 months till im 17 and im going to get into the DEP my recruiter is SSGT. Mendez im told that most MOS' are going to suck just some suck less i was thinking about 5812 dog handler i understand you need to have 5811 mp as a prerequiset my other choice im not sure of the number but its combat engineer. im in the auto tech program at my school does anybody know if i pick an mos like motor t mechanic i heard that it would count as a technical credit like college with a pay raise? im not really sure might be wrong can any body set me straight thanks in advance

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    Thank you Sir I apreciate it

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    haha that is awesome my friend Brandon Calhoun graduated last year on oct. 9th and i had the priveledge of going to his graduation MCRD PI we walked right past eachother the day before when all the new Marines get a couple hours leave and we stopped turned and I didnt even recognize him with those glasses haha but i got to meet his DI's most shorter than me but undescribiably intimidating my grandfather was in Korea as a Marine he got 2 purple hearts and a Maj. at my USAF aux. program is a Marine from Korea who has the same Murray last name as I and i call him my grandfather as well his utilities are in the Marine Corps musem at PI because he had one of the last ranks before they switched them up

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    Ryan your posts give me a headache

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    Your chances of getting those specific MOSs are dependent on how high speed you are, your ASVAB scores, your level of education, blind luck, available boat spaces and the needs of the Corps.

    Actually the last two are the most important. You're not getting a contract that guarantees dog handler or combat engineer. You can possibly get a contract into those specific career fields, but not those specific jobs.

    If you want a guaranteed job then there has to be an opening for it at a Reserve unit and you have to contract for that job at that unit for x number of years as a reservist and not screw anything up.

    If you want to get into Motor T as a tech and eventually leave the service and continue being an automotive tech then you'll probably still have to take a ton of ASEs. Depending on what you want to work on there's a bunch of different certs to take, along with the requirements of whoever you're looking to work for.

    Like a municipal job where I live as a diesel tech would require that you have x years of experience working on diesel engines and like 2 ASE certs on truck specific subjects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcb188 View Post
    That is good advice. Not that I understand all the lingo etc as the Corps has changed a lot, and mostly for the better. But helping new guys find their way is a good thing. This newer Corps is interesting.....but a lot more complicated, but that's life in general these days, too-----but like I said, it's mostly an improvement in a lot of ways, over the old days.
    I didn't go about learning this stuff till long after I signed my a$$ away and got on the yellow footprints.

    I don't know how easy its going to be for a 17 year old to really figure out what he wants to do for the rest (or at least a good part) of his life. Hell, I'm 29 and still figuring it out.

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    there's always a different way to word a question. You or I can recognize that but Google doesn't always pick it up. That's why it seems that the same question has been asked by these poolees over and over and over again but the slight variation or emphasis they put in their questions basically makes them into all new questions.

    I've been guilty of pulling the DI routine with these kids but I don't think its a good test of character, mines or theirs.

    Regardless they're in for a culture shock when they get there. I don't think getting the hard-azz routine from a couple guys on here is going to really prep them for someone physically in their face but I'm sure some of them could use the honesty in some of the responses they get slapped with here.

    Ok, I'm done running my suck, my brain is leaking and I'm rambling now.

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