Vietnam I Corps Marines Check In!
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    Talking Vietnam I Corps Marines Check In!

    How the Heck is everyone!

    Gunny Sanchez here. I'm fully retired now so I plan to spend more time here on the board. I have the Social Group here on this forum in the social group section "Vietnam I Corps Marine 1965-1975. I've been a member here on Leatherneck,com since 2005.

    I served in Vietnam as an infantry squad leader with Delta 1/7, Lima 3/5, and golf 2/1 1970-1971. I was WIA times two. I retired out of the Corps in September of 1991. Man time sure has flown by. I find it funny now when kids refer to me as the old guy who was in the war!

    Today I'm still involve with the Young Marines in Fort Smith Arkansas, I'm the XO, Training Officer,and DI for the unit. I did one tour at MCRD San Diego CA. with Lima Company 3rd Recruit Training Battalion as DI and Senior DI.

    I'm ready to also hit the road and do some traveling with the wife. Our kids are adults and have given us four grand kids, I never though I'd see that! It's not to worry about making it to old age, it's what to do when you get there that bothers me, LOL!

    Semper Fi! Marines & God Bless

    Gunny S. :

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    Good to see you back Gunny, Semper Fidelis Brother.

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    S/F Gunny! There is a few of us here that served with 3/26 Lt. Col. Robertson was Bn. Commander during my time. We were all over I Corps 68-69. Biggest part of the time in and around Arizona Territory. I served with a great bunch of Marines. God bless them all, where ever they are.

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    Another grunt here ! Served all over Quang Nam Province, RVN from 11/68 to 12/69 in 2nd Platoon, Fox 2/1. If my memory serves me right, Operation Meade River was just finishing up and I learned quickly to hate the entire area we called home for the next 12 1/2 months. The Arizona Territory and Dodge City especially sucked. Goi Noi Island and No Name Island were two places I learned to loathe and fear because of so many booby traps and frequent contacts with both Charlie and NVA. I myself was WIA on 21 June 1969 and I still mourn many a buddy that remains young forever. After participating in Operation's Pipestone Canyon and Durham Peak from the low lands to the Que Son Mountains, rice paddies to triple thick jungle, I decided that this grunt hated the entire country of South Vietnam. I finished up a Corporal and a squad leader and when I rotated home I weighed all of 138 pounds. I either had or recently had gotten over, heat rash, ringworm, gook sores and immersion foot, malaria and dysentery. Some good memories with a lot of bad ones and the usual demons and ghosts that seem to never let go. My best to all of you other combat veterans, whatever war you served in, whatever your capacity. To my fellow brother grunts from Vietnam, keep the faith and always protect the memory of the fallen from those who bring dishonor and disrespect to what they and we survivors accomplished.
    Semper Fidelis

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    I see a lot of grunts and names of place I also served in at Quang Nam Province. Glad to see you all here. I live in a very small town of less than ten thousand, not many Marine grunts around here that served in Nam.

    I am originally from Chicago. I retired from the Corps on Okinawa and lived their for four years before coming back to the states. I decided that I didn't want that big city life anymore and settled for the small town life with my family, I've been here fourteen years now. I do miss having a few Nam grunt Jarheads to sit around and chew the fat with.

    Semper Fi!

    Gunny S.

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    Talking Morning Marines!

    It's Monday and I'm ready to head out and get the week started, NOT! Have a great week Ya'll and be safe!

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    Semper Fi Gunny-I served with Lima 3/26 and Hotel 2/1 from Jan. 70 to Jan 71- Welcome Home

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    Same to you Marine! Hope life is treating you well!

    Gunny S.

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    Semper Fi Gunny - served with the 3/5 back in 68-69. Spent a lot of time in the Arizona and Dodge City areas. Glad to see you're doing well. Enjoy the retirement.

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    Talking Morning Marines!

    Another day in the trenches and still kicking! Can we have an Amen!

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    Hey Gunny,glade to have you back on board....Missed you...
    SEMPER FI.................Ed

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    Yup! Yup! I'm Here!

    Semper Fi!

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    Good Morning Marines!

    Just another day in the trenches! Where's the Coffee?

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    Hey old guy who was in the war, nice to see ya!

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    Hey Young Man, don't walk too slow, it will catch up with you before you know it, I was still in during the Golf War. I was in support on Okinawa repairing the gear they were sending us back for rehab and return. Mostly Utility gear, Generator, Air Conditioning., Water Purification gear etc..

    So What's doing!

    Semper Fi!

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