Any advice for a third MOS choice?
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    Any advice for a third MOS choice?

    Hello Marines. I'm in the process of choosing my three MOS fields and i can't decide on a final choice. My first choice is intel and my second is comm. I scored an 86 on my asvab with a gt of 114. I want a job that's not boring, and I wanna be in the field every so often. Also, I want a job that transfers over well in the civilian world. Infantry is filled up for now, so that's a no. Any advice? Also, is it true they're phasing out MPs for civilians? Just curious. Thanks

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    Fu*k second and third choices. This wish list stuff is BS. Tell your recruiter you want intel or you're not going any where.

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    No, MP isn't being phased out. However, garrison police work is being turned over to the Marine Corps Police. MPs will still be around to do their field duties.

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