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    Frustration only clouds the mind. Think of other ways you can improve. Try sprinting up steep hills, jogging with a weighted vest, jump rope with weight straps on your feet; mix it up, confuse the muscles so they can improve.

    I know I had the same problem, I wasn't a runner, I didn't like it. My first IST was 12:30+ mile 1/2 and it stayed like that for 4 pool functions. I was approached by my recruiter one day, he said to me that I'm on the watch list. If I didn't improve I would be getting discharged from the DEP.
    I got my act together and I tried many things to improve my run, I had friend that were in Cross Country and Soccer to help me. My next pool function I ran a 10:47, I remember that run like it was yesterday. My hard work payed off.

    Just keep your head up and just tell your self, how bad do you really want it?

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    First IST:
    13 pullups
    69 situps
    10:38 mile and a half

    Most Recent IST:
    15 pullups
    104 situps
    9:40 mile and a half

    Speaking of 15 pullups.. I've hit that number my last 4 IST's.. I seem to hit a wall and can't get to 16 or more pullups. Been working out but any specific suggestions on improving pullups further?!

    I had the exact problem. I hit my plateau, the more pull ups I tried to do I just couldn't. I talked to my recruiter and he told me that I have to find something that works for me.
    I researched different videos for increasing my repetitions on the pull up bar.
    I came across these methods.

    -Do max set of pull ups till failure, then get a friend to hold your feet and continue with your pull ups till failure.
    That one helped me allot, it really worked out my lats and I quickly saw the improvement the next 2 days. Helped my endurance.

    -Do pull ups with weights on a belt. Start off with added 10lbs and work your way up little by little. When you reach failure on your 1st pull up set, take off the weight and do another pull up set till failure. You'll notice that your going to rep out a good amount like nothing.
    This workout helped me with gaining strength.

    Lat pull downs and barbell rows are other good exercises to continue working out your lats and mid section back.
    Try changing it up to what ever works best for you.

    I went from 14 pull ups to 20 pull ups in a month.

    *Note- Don't go to crazy only working on your pull ups, You will gain some weight from the muscle you gain and will slow your run time down if you don't keep it even.

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    Don't worry about the run too much, your money maker is going to be pullups, those are 5 points a pop. For ****s sake just get 10 or more for the initial PFT and you'll be in good shape for the final. If you can't do 100 crunches you're wrong, it's an easy 100 points. If you haven't figured out how to get 100, ask your recruiter and I'm sure he'll correct your form.

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    Latest IST
    Pull ups - 11
    Crunches - 76
    1.5 mile - 10.46

    cut down 4 minutes on my run time and trying to reach 15 pull ups hopefully next month

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    Poolee/DEP Free Member Athletic Artist's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Latest IST:

    127 seconds FAH (8 pull ups)
    47 crunches ;/
    9:30 1.5 mile run

    I ship June 4th so I still have some time, its crazy though, I do so much ab/core strength works yet my crunches SUCK, but no excuses...they will get better...
    and yes I am female and my run time can be even faster than that but I hurt my knee so i've been taking it easy.

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    18 pull ups
    92 crunches
    9:30 1.5 mile run

    Shipping to MCRD PI on 20120917 so I have all summer to continue to improve!

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    Latest IST:

    21 Pull Ups
    103 Crunches
    10:35 1.5 Mile Run

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    Poolee/DEP Free Member
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    Apr 2011
    MCRDPI: 20120723 Combat Support

    ASVAB: 88

    Last IST:
    PU: 19
    Crunches: 107
    1.5 mi: 9:55

    Last PFT: 278
    PU: 20
    Crunches: 95
    3 mi: 20:47

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    1.5 mile Run- 8:58
    Pull Ups- 16
    Crunches- 88

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    Poolee/DEP Free Member
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    Mar 2012

    1.5 mile Run- 14:27
    Pull Ups- 3
    Crunches- 67

    Pretty embarrasing. Tips please?

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    Just keep at it. Run until you feel like you're gonna hurl, then keep running. For pull ups and crunches, the only way to get better is keep doing them. Make sure your form is correct.

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    147 seconds FAH (Still at 8 pull ups last I checked for fun)
    76 crunches
    9:30 1.5 mile run (haven't got to re-run it yet)

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    pull-ups: 23
    crunch's: 150
    1.5 mile run time: 10:33
    need to work on my running!

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    Iím with you FanningÖ

    Pull-ups: 17
    Crunches: 131
    1.5 Mile: 11:15 < and this is a big improvement

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    yeah my running is better than it use to be!! old one: 12:58

    but today we have a function, so ill post my new ist stats.

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