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Thread: My thanks

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    My thanks

    To all Marines that have served, with out you all, the world would be hell. You all gave your lives to preserve freedom and innocents. Hitler and *******s like him would ruled the globe if it wasnt for men and women of your caliber and mettel. You were all Gods hammers and may he bless all of your family members.

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    Thanks! It was nice serving our conutry

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    My thanks

    Even though we didn't or don't do it for the accalades it sure is nice to hear once in a while. THANK YOU.

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    Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am blessed along with my two sons to have served this country. Your kind words are what incourage us all to continue to fight on in protecting this fine nation we all love and call AMERICA.

    Simper Fi

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    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu.............................May your lord and God give you the strength to carry on! Best wishes for your wife and famil

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