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    PLC Information Request

    Hi I am a junior in college and am majoring in aviation. I have been considering the Marine PLC program and would like to enter with the aviation assignment. I do not have perfect vision and would require eye surgery of some sort. Is it possible for me to enter PLC with an aviation specialty? Could I get a waiver and have the PRK surgery done before going to PLC in the summer?



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    First off, fill out a profile!

    Second, if you want an aviation seat PLC is the only way to get contracted to it.

    Third, I believe as long as its correctable to 20/20 you'll be ok

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    oh and fourth...go talk to an OSO!!!

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    I wouldnt worry about it son, they are de activating the entire Marine Corps by 2012, so sad, its all over CNN and other news right now

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