Question about MCMAP
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    Question about MCMAP

    after you finish boot camp and MCT and School when can you go for your next belt and were do you have to travel to get to get qualified for it?

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    Marines in your unit will be brown and black belt instructors.

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    Once you graduate boot and mct, you have mos school. once all thats done and you get to ur unit and u are checked in. talk to ur cpls and sgts and find out what u can do

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    okay thank you =)

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    They actually ran MCMAP courses at my school and got most everybody up to green.

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    im trying to get field radio operator as my mos

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    It will depend on your unit.
    There's a shortage of MCMAP instructors, and units get prioritized. Also, you may find yourself in a low-priority unit that has a bunch of MCMAP gurus just randomly, or you may be in a unit that doesn't have any.

    In general, combat arms units will have available instructors, while support, air wing, and non-deployable units are more of a toss-up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beltayn View Post
    In general, combat arms units will have available instructors, while support, air wing, and non-deployable units are more of a toss-up.
    It's probably the opposite.

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    You think so? Grass is greener I guess, lol.

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    mcmap is GAY. Yes I want to learn glorified tae kwon dill doe and make my enemy tap out......... for you youngsters we did L.I.N.E (linear infighting nerual override engagement) There were 12 lines I think all together( i trained up to 8) the **** was NO JOKE, you want to learn to kill someone learn line. Unlike mcmap which is geared more to your opponent standing still and perfect scenarios, Line taught you to royally murder someone and there unborn children in an imperfect situation. To this day I know LINE without even thinking( we wont mention the bar fight my wife and I got in lol, If you want to know pm me, put it this way LINE kicked in 1 guy ended up with a broken arm at the elbow, one a dislocated patella before about 5 bouncers jumped on me,ahhh good times!) Anyway, LINE is the ****, save mcmap and its carnival tricks for after school karate practice

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    The class before mine got up to green. My class did ZERO MCMAP at MOS school. We're all still tan belts

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    go ninja kick your plt sgt right in the nuggets and tell him your ****ed that your not an official USMC ninja by now

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    I'm happy with my tan belt, I'd wear a web belt. MCMAP is retarded. You try doing that bullsh!t in a flak and tell me how it goes.

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    do I even rate a belt lmao? Guess it back to square one for me!

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    Why did they stop teaching LINE, and where do you find instructors for it? Sounds like my "cup of tea."

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