After 12 years in the Corps, I left to pursue some business opportunities. The Marine Corps Boot Camp documentary "Ears, Open. Eyeballs, Click." that was filmed on my platoon jump started my life in the direction of helping young men and women prepare for the military. I launched over a year ago and it has been view in over 120 countries in 1 year. That also lead to a partnership into Basic Training - Boot Camp Fitness Program. We have spent the last developing our boot camp fitness program into a business opportunity for leaders to stand up a Boot Camp Fitness Program in their communities. Our company is called Basic Training LLC and our Boot Camp Program (started by my partner) has been active now for over 11 years We recently launched our "Fitness Drill Instructor" Opportunity to make a difference in each and ever community around the US.

Basic Training LLC, founded by a dynamic team of veterans who have served in the Marine Corps, Navy, and Law Enforcement around the world, is extremely motivated to announce that after years of development, our Basic Training - Boot Camp Fitness Program are being offered nationwide through Business Licensing Opportunities.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in becoming a Fitness Drill Instructor “FDI”, searching for a new career or a part time endeavor, leaving the military, preparing to expand their current gym/studio program, enjoy personal training, or most importantly, want to own a business and control their financial destiny, our program may be right for them. Our next Fitness Drill Instructor Certification Course will be held Nov.10th – 13th 2010 in Sacramento, CA.

Established in 1999 by my partner, we are a civilian friendly enterprise based on military principles of physical training in a boot camp environment. Our past experiences in personal fitness, law enforcement, the military and business have combined a team of unique leaders who can provide Instructors the foundation necessary to help unlock their maximum potential for success in the fitness industry.

Instructors can become part of one of the most popular forms of fitness: boot camp fitness. With minimal overhead and a military type of structure and discipline, fitness boot camps have proven their success for over a decade and are considered The Future of Fitness. The complex logistics involved with establishing a business, such as developing a world class fitness curriculum, assembling the right equipment, negotiating vendor agreements, creating an advertising strategy, putting together an online infrastructure and building a long-term growth plan is no longer solely the responsibility of individual Instructors.

If you could, please pass this email and attached brochure on to those throughout the Military that you know. This is a definitely a great opportunity for those leaving the Service to transition straight into becoming their own business owner.

Recap of the Business Opportunity

Business: Basic Training – Boot Camp Fitness Program

Licensing Locations: Nationwide

Investment: Approximately 10K to become a Fitness Drill Instructor, which would include all initial certifications, the Fitness Drill Instructor Certification Course, a Location License, Equipment and Uniforms. We have developed a Turn Key Business with Veterans in mind.

***To honor the United States military, we have discounted our November 2010 Fitness Drill Instructor Certification Course by $2,000***

Instructors: Active Duty / Veterans / Personal Trainers / Group Fitness Instructors. Instructors will be able to conduct their boot camps Part Time (3 hours a week) or Full Time (18 hours a week).


Minimum Yearly Gross Income To Maintain Location License:
$14,256.00 (running 1 boot camp per day, 3 days a week)

Maximum Yearly Gross Income Permitted With One Location License:
$342,720.00 (running 3 boot camps per day, 6 days a week for a total of 18 hours a week)

We have a comprehensive information package and if requested, I can send that over to you or anyone else that would like to see it. It is 18 pages long and goes further in depth about our program.

Learn more about our program by visiting us at:
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Here is the link to the Reality TV Show we recently appeared on:

Michael W. Nichols
VP of Basic Training LLC