Here you go Mr. Hope
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    Here you go Mr. Hope

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    He was one of the best Americans ever......even though he was born in England.

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    Saw his show in Okinawa Xmas 1971 - his sidekick was Jim Nabors, aka Gomer Pyle.

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    I cant think of celebrity today who has the class that Bob Hope did and the ability to fill his shoes.

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    I was in 7th Comm, RR&C Co during the Xmas '71 show. I was one of the only techs that had any theater lighting experience and I was tapped to work the lights from a tiny console at the very front center of the stage. Sunday's Child (a very young trio of singers) was touring with the USO with Hope and Nabors. I remember when the girls came out to sing, the one in the middle had her fly down (no big deal) and I pantomimed "zipping up" to her. She saw , turned slightly away and addressed her inadvertent wardrobe malfunction -- long, long before Janet Jackson made it commonplace.

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    It was also about that time that Hanoi Jane (Fonda) was in the area (I think she was in Koza, not certain) with her "FTA" troupe. My recollection was E-5 and below were restricted to base (the reasoning for that baffles me to this day).

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