A Father's Son, wounded
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    A Father's Son, wounded

    Recently I was met by a person, Nam Vet, late towards end of War. He was a POW hunter. Lost bones in his feet, from poisons used on us, has steel now, special shoes, boots so he can walk. His Son wounded returned recently. "Dad?" "I want to go back." "The people are good people." "We'd come into a town/city/village, the people would run to us, giving us fresh eggs, chickens." "I wish the media would not be so down, so negative about what is really going on in Irag." Does this ring a bell? His Dad told me, "I'm proud of what my Son did." "I'm proud of what I did." The media.....they to me go right to the limit of the 1st amendment. I wish more Marine Vets who were over there would tell us more about what it is really like, and tell the media to stick it in their 6.

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