Con Thien 1967
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Thread: Con Thien 1967

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    Con Thien 1967

    Was anyone else there?

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    I was there and around the area for most of 1967 with the 11th engrs hq co. We had the job of building the strip from conthien to giolingh. I was a 1345 (heavy equipment operator) and ran bulldozers, we stayed under them more than we did on them!! Con thien was one more ****hole if there ever was one, everyone remembers KheShan but ConThien was just as bad in my opinion since I was at both.

    Semper Fi Bro

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    Was with FLSG-B Suppy Motor-T at Dong Ha used to drive supplies up there off and on from the river at Dong Ha. Can't say I remember much of the place. S/F Butch

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    We operated in that exact area but in 1966. We were pretty much the first Marines to start patrolling in that area.

    But the nature of our work was such that we could be in one place one week and half way on the other side of the country the next.

    We never really stayed anywhere all that long.

    So in my case it really is a blur.

    There were areas around DaNang that were bad. PhuBai was a nightmare. But I was positive that I was never going to live through my time up in QuangTri Province up along the DMZ.

    That was some evil land.

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    I was there in 1967 it was constantly under siege.It was insane..
    good reason they call it " leatherneck square". A lot of good marines were wounded and lost there.

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    Dec 66 with 2/5 when it was beautiful, green terraced paddy's, really the place of angels, a few mortor rounds now and then but not too bad, later in 67 with 3/4, two times and once with 2/4 when it was hell, nothing but red dirt or red mud, bunkers, the trace and 5, 6 hundred arty rounds a day. Who were you with ?

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    "Dec 66 with 2/5 when it was beautiful, green terraced paddy's, really the place of angels, a few mortor rounds now and then but not too bad"

    In June 1966 when we went up there for the first time we were there to track and find "something".

    That "something" turned out to be the 10,000 man NVA 324B Division that had crossed the DMZ undetected (at least for a while) with plans of cutting Quang Tri off from the rest of SVN.

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    Hi, anyone here know of someone named James Edwards? He was in the 3rd battalion, 4th marines in 1966-1967 and injured at Con Thien. He's since passed away, and I'm trying to help his daughter find out more about her dad. She was never able to meet her father and would really like to know more about him. If anyone has heard of James Edwards or knows someone who might know him, will you please let me know? Feel free to email:

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