Field 08, Field Artillery what is it really like?
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    Field 08, Field Artillery what is it really like?

    Before upsetting anyone I googled Artillery and didn't find what I was looking for and looked on other sites for answers. I may have an understanding that Marines shoot Artillery canons at the enemy and help out Infantry in combat. I was hoping I could get a personal answer from Marines who have been Artillery or have a good sense of what comes with that MOS. Like the type of training they do and what they like or dislike about it. Just anything in general you would want to tell someone who is interested in that MOS. Thank you for your answers.

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    Did you try using the search bar here on Leatherneck? This might help some.

    MOS:08xx ?

    Field Artillery or Tank?

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    My first tour in Sunny Vietnam 1965-66 was with a 4.2 inch mortar battery ( no longer used) we spent most of our time with the infantry. We spent a lot of nights firring for the grunts. There is no better feeling than firring a ring of steel them grunts all night long. The 2 flank mortars fired illume one round every 15 seconds. This could be a all nighter, from can't see to can see. You have saved a fire team to a company of grunts from being over run. I was on the # one gun and we had a saying, "and god said let there be light, Whiskey 3-12 gave it to him all night long one round every 15 seconds.

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