At a cross roads
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    At a cross roads

    Good day everyone,

    A little background... I joined the DEP program this past summer 20100602. I decided on Public Affairs, Aviation, or Engineering. During MEPs I found out I have a Color deficiency, my gut told me that pretty much screwed me over on all three.. Fast forward to September Head Recruiter told me that I was in eligible for all three and I really only have a couple handfuls of options to choose from and none of which appeal to me. I'm a support guy... Write it up, fly it up, create it up I'm your guy. The respect i have for you infantrymen to do what you do is beyond me and mucho respect to you all but I know myself and thats not me. I wanted to be a Mustang Marine but now that doesn't seem probable so I'm thinking of finishing my bachelors. I want to be a marine so leaving is not an option; but with an associates degree am I eligible for NROTC? I think the army has a 2 year accelerated course but idk if the navy has such a program... What other options are there for a person with an AA to complete their degree while remaining close to the marine community (i.e. training, drilling, PTing, etc)... Ive heard mixed reviews on the USMC Reserves... How is the OCS selection process? Any advice, infor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Disclaimer: I apologize if this is a double post this seemed the most logical place to post, and I didn't notice another post similar to mine.



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    Look into NROTC if the university that you are attending has it. If it does not, then do the PLC program. PLC = no commitment during the school year (only summers) but you can always attend the office pt sessions held weekly to stay in the Marine atmosphere. I know of some PLC guys who were reservists during college, some liked it and some said that if they did it all over again then they would have just done PLC or NROTC without the monthly reserve drilling. Just depends if you would rather attend boot camp and join up with a reserve unit near your university. Being a prior has its benefits and drawbacks at OCS.

    If you really want to be a mustang then enlist in the Corps, become a locked on NCO and apply for MECEP or ECP.

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    thanks for the reply i didnt think about the pcl... i might have to look at that and research some more on it. Appreciate the info

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    So i finished speaking with my recruiter he seemed to understand were I was coming from but then I got a little confused. I was talking about preparing for PLC so I can become commissioned as i finished my bachelors. They took that Idea and morphed it into me shipping out in February not as active duty, but reserve go through the same training but after MOS school come back and submit a package to the OSO to join the PLC and begin school again. What does the community think about such a proposal? I want to be a Judge Advocate in the USMC. Should I just go reserve spend the 6-7 months getting trained and starting school in the coming fall while submitting my PLC packet in that period of time? Maybe even having some financial help to pay for housing and tuition?

    Or should I just aim for the PLC program off the bat and fore go Marine Reserve? It seems tempting to go reserve because I will have graduated as a marine. And depending on the MOS school and the length of the school i can use that training to get an entry level civi job while i get my bachelors?... I was thinking for my mos either 4421 (legal services) do something pertaining to career (eh... :/) or maybe 3521 (auto mechanic) something pertaining to hobby/interest...


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