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    Hello Marines. I have been undergoing the process of enlistment, and it is currently at a halt.... when I was about six years old (ELEVEN years ago) I was diagnosed with ODD; therefore, MEPS disqualified me and referred me to waiver processing. Should I give up hope, or is there any chance that this will be resolved? If I got a psych re-evaluation, I can guarantee I would pass with flying colors.. I had some abuse issues with my parents back then, and that is why I was like that. It is resolved now, and I have grown up (as has everyone over the course of eleven years..).


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    If you can pass with flying colors, and that would grant you a waiver... why would you consider quitting or giving up hope? Yes paperwork blows, but how bad do you want it? Thats the question you must ask yourself.

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    Thanks for the speedy reply.

    I want it very badly, I have been waiting my whole life for this opportunity, and working my ass off to earn it (lost 20lbs this month). I KNOW I can pass with flying colors, I just don't know if MEPS will give me the chance to go and get re-evaluated. I don't know how strict the waiver procedures are; the paperwork is irrelevant to me, I just want to know if I even have a chance or not anymore given what has happened so far.

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    Honestly the chance is up to MEPS I believe. But if they started you on the waiver process I don't see why the reeval woulnt help. If they reffered you to it, then it should work. Don't quit, don't take no for an answer. If you've been busting your a$z like you say you have then you should be motivated to get this $h1t done. Best of luck

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