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    Reserve Deployments

    First off I would like thank all you guys for what your doing, you guys are truley amazing and I can't wait to be apart of that. I'm going into my senior year of highschool and I've been studying for my ASVAB before I go into the Delayed Entry Program sugguested by my recruiter. I plan to get into the 02 Intel field, hopefully security clearence and everything goes well. Anyways I chose the reserves because I still want to go to school and I'm also getting a great civilian job that I want to persue. But I'm looking at the 6 x 2 plan and I'm thinking I'm proabably going to be deployed alot more rather than 4 years active. What do you guys think? Also if I was in a unit that is not deploying at all could I request to go out there? Last question is what are the logical chances of me going from reserve to active duty? I still have time to decide so your feedback is greatly appretiated.

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    If you have a specific MOS that you want and you want to get deployed, don't waste your time with reserves IMO. Go active duty, get your first enlistment done and then go back to school and see where you want to go.

    Going from reserves to active duty is not easy, have to get permission, lots of paperwork involved, and even if you get the permission/release form your unit the active duty side may not accept you.

    Yes if you are in the reserves you can volunteer/request to get deployed. That is a whole different thing that I am not going to get into because it doesn't matter to you at this point. And yes you can deploy more in the reserve than active duty but things have to fall into place perfectly for you for that o happen.

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    Go active and get your college degree while on active. Many have done it so no reason you can't. Too hard to transfer from reserve to active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdrt View Post
    Go active and get your college degree while on active. Many have done it so no reason you can't. Too hard to transfer from reserve to active.
    Taking your adivce, hopefully I get stationed Camp Pendleton.

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    Nothing wrong with the reserves either. I'd recommend the 4X4 contract with the reserves seeing as you will still rate the same post 9/11 GI bill after a deployment. I've met reservists who've done many more deployments than active duty, really depends on the unit and the their schedule. For example, nobody is being released from my unit right now because we are activating soon. OTOH, my girlfriends unit pretty much only sends volunteer contingents out, and that happens annually, so she knows Marines who have been on 5 or 6 deployments throughout their 6 years.


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