All Please read but especially nam vets.
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    All Please read but especially nam vets.

    I was presented with this letter a few years ago by a it...scanned it...and put it away. I was cleaning up one of my old computers to donate it and stumbled across this JPEG file. I thought others might need to read it...see it...and hopefully accept it as I did.

    If it has been posted before... I do apologize but I think it needs to be posted again.

    I think it says it all...

    It touched me... not as much as hearing the words when we came home but I still felt somewhat appreciated and remembered.

    I share this with you now. If you would like a copy.... let me know, I have the jpeg that I will be pleased to send you.

    To the rest of my brothers and sisters who were also ignored or forgotten for so many years.... let me say....Welcome home and job well done.

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    That's A Beautiful Letter Larry!!!
    May Godrichley Bless You Your Family And All My Brothers And Sister Who Served In Nam. Welcome Home And Thankyou For A Job Well Done.

    Semper Fi My Brother

    Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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    Thanks DrZ for sharing this with us. I checked your profile and we went around the same areas it appears but at different times. Thanks again for posting the note for all of us to share in Brother.

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    Yes, thank you Viet Nam veterans. All of you are held in the highest esteem in my mind and in the minds of my family. You have all earned the respect and gratitude of the entire nation. You Warrior Children set the bar high for all of us who came along after you. God Bless Every One of You!

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